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Iberian Ethnicitiy, German woman with possbile French bio dad?

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  • Iberian Ethnicitiy, German woman with possbile French bio dad?


    i need some assistance:
    my mom and i did a family finder test on FTDNA. My fathers results are not finished yet. He has Italian heritage.
    My paternal 2GGP was from North Italy.

    My mom shows 28% Iberia and I 0% on FTDNA .
    I tried K36 for my mom and myself:

    My Mom:
    Italian: 12.55
    Basque: 3.57

    Iberian: 13.71
    Italian: 11.74
    Basque: 1.87

    My momĀ“s maternal side is all German, as far as i know. How high would you see the Possibility, that her father was from France or nearby France? There were rumors in the family, that her bio dad was from France or near the French boarder. I would like to find her bio dad or getting in the right direction.

    Thanks in advance,


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    It is not likely that any of the "ethnic origins" algorithms in use today would be able to distinguish "German" from "French". These tests are based on samples from modern humans (likely still living) who are believed to represent various "ethnic" or "regional" populations. In other words, the modern samples have been selected as "reference groups" to "represent" in some way what are assumed to be genetically-distinct populations from which our own ancestors may have come. To get this far, a large number of assumptions have to be made.

    Distinguishing among populations from different continents seems to be reliable. However, distinguishing among European populations seems far less reliable, in that many people report getting results that don't make sense.

    The border between France and Germany has moved around over the centuries, and there were times when much of the area was neither French nor German, but instead consisted of various principalities, duchies, and the usual patchwork of feudal estates. People moved around without respect to wherever the borders happened to be, sometimes in large numbers, such as the 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th Centuries, and perhaps long before that as well!

    No, I would not rely on any of the "ethnic origins" programs to prove or disprove your particular family story. There is a chance of success with an autosomal test such as the Family Finder, but it depends on who else has taken the test. Pursuing traditional genealogy is probably a better bet, even though, from what you have told us here, it may be a difficult search.