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Scandinavian in Asian peson?

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  • Scandinavian in Asian peson?

    how would someone interpret this result, or could provide me with some theories on how that ethnicity became mixed up with the rest, so here it goes...

    Mother's result:
    60% Asian (Mongolian/Siberian mix)
    16% Asia Minor
    6% Central Asia
    7% East Europe
    4% Finlad
    6% Scandinavia

    Daughter's result:
    50% Asia
    20% Asia Minor
    6% Central Asia
    12% East Europe
    6% Finland
    4% British Isles
    and 0% Scandinavia.

    With those result i understand how Central Asia, Asia Minor and Monglolia would be mixed up due to history etc. BUT how would British Isles and Scandinavia would end up in the mix?

    Also, my mother doesn't remember anything of her parents so does my father. Therefore the ancestry is clouded with lots of mystery. Any feedback would be helpful.

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    I have heard that sometimes, Finland and Saami peoples can get false positives for Native American DNA.
    If a 100% Finnish/Scandinavian person tests, they may show small amount of Native American or Siberian DNA. That is simply because of genetic similarity between Siberian/Native American people.

    So, possibly, your DNA can just be showing Scandinavian because some of the British Isles and Scandinavian has genetic similarity to Siberian.

    Hope this makes sense, maybe someone more knowledgeable can be more precise.


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        Check out this, Samoyedic = saam-edne = Sami

        The term Samoyedic is derived from the Russian term samoyed (Russian: самоед) for some indigenous peoples of Siberia. The term has come to be considered derogatory because it has been interpreted by some ethnologists as originating from Russian samo-yed meaning 'self-eater', i.e. 'cannibal'.[6] Samoyedic etymologists, however, reject this etymology and instead trace the term's origin to the expression saam-edne, meaning the Land of the Sami peoples.[7] The word Samodeic[8] has been proposed as an alternative by some ethnologists.