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What does non-European Iberian mean?

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  • What does non-European Iberian mean?

    With My Origins 2.0 I get 98% European. The 2% that's not lumped in with the rest of Europe is, to my surprise, Iberia. Since the Iberian Peninsula is in Europe, I began scratching my head a bit. I have tried to research what this actually means, but I can't find anything. Does anyone have any ideas?

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    A search in the FTDNA Learning Center (link at top of these pages) for "myOrigins" has among the results the page "Population Clusters in myOrigins." In the section "Population Clusters and Descriptions" is the description for "Iberia."

    The Iberian population cluster is probably separate from the other areas of Europe due to the particular populations settling or invading there, which appears to give it distinctive genetics unlike others in Europe.

    While on the "myOrigins" first page, did you click on "Show All," to get the pop-up screen breaking down all your populations? You should have one or more European population clusters which compose your 98% European. This can also be accessed while on the "myOrigins Map" page, by clicking on the "expand all" link in your ethnic makeup.


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      The information on MO is clear as mud IMO and it can be interpreted as they say it's European because they link the inland population to West Central Europe, British Isles and South East Europe. But if they mean that it's not, then it's not, I suppose. I haven't delved deep into the Iberian history.

      The thing is, I doubt I have Iberia, simply because I don't see it on other services, nor on GEDmatch, and I don't have anything in the papers that suggests it. The closest I have is dad's North African, Sicilian, Italian and Greek Jewish, otherwise we're firmly northern European - Scandinavia, Finland, British Isles and Russia/Ukraine/Poland. I was thinking Iberia might be something else entirely, just interpreted weirdly by FTDNA. They're not good at interpreting my results, probably because I have so many different population clusters in my DNA, but non-European sounded a bit far fetched.


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        Well, so it goes with ethnicity predictions.

        We can try different tools at GEDmatch, we can test at other companies, until we get something that approximates what we know of our ancestry. Ethnicity predictions are far from being perfect, with the tools at some companies worse than others. The next version of any ethnicity tool may be better or worse at predicting our individual ethic makeup.

        This is why I don't invest too much time or worry about them; they are a long way from being reliable, and more for "entertainment" value right now. They may be of some benefit for adoptees or those who had donor fathers, but they often confound the rest of us.

        My own known ancestry is Irish, German and Swiss on my paternal side, and Greek and Maltese on my maternal side. For ethnicity predictions, it is interesting to see the variety of breakdowns for the various relatives from one side or the other, and siblings with a mix of both, who have tested at FTDNA. There are some with results for which I can only think, that while they are not of the known genealogy, must be similar enough, DNA-wise, to be mistaken for the known genealogy.

        The ethnicity of our matches seems best to confirm our own known genealogy. Any tested relative on my maternal side gets a lot of matches with Maltese ancestry, and a few Greek. Those on my paternal side get some matches with Swiss and Irish ancestry, and a few matches with German ancestry. I have two close matches at Ancestry, one from each side, and I know how they are related (although I have never met them). Now, if they will only reply to me, I might make some progress.
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          Is the 2% identified as a "Trace" region? If so, I think they just tally the amount that's at a higher confidence and ignore the Trace regions. I show 96% European, with <2% West Middle East and <2% Eastern European. If I add that all together it's roughly 100%. My son shows 97% European, with <2% Ashkenazi and <2% Southeast Europe. Again, when I add up his results it equals roughly 100%.


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            KATM, I'm mostly trying to figure out how they interpret the material TBH.

            I have to say though that DNA testing has been a journey. I did it thinking I'd maybe confirm or disprove one family legend, but got a lot more than I bargained for.

            My dad's side is Finnish, and because of the colonial history with Sweden and Russia, there's been a lot of hushing up, even outright lies, about from where people came. Dad grew up thinking they were mostly Swedish. A Swedish name and speaking Swedish opened doors that otherwise were closed to Finns, so they changed their names and spoke Swedish, in an attempt at passing as Swedes. The Russian/Eastern European was not something they talked about either, both because of the Russian take over after Sweden, and because of the revolution and the infected civil war that followed in which the newly formed Soviet Union had an indirect hand. As the winners, the conservative Finnish/Swedish side, ran society and wrote history, it wasn't at all a good idea to talk about having such a connection. I think the only reason why grandma talked about the Jewish ancestry because of the war. Having been among those who escaped the atrocities by pure chance, living where they lived, opened up for discussing such ancestry. I had no idea that dad's side of the family actually were predominately Finnish/Russian/Eastern European, and I didn't think much of grandma's claims about the Jewish ancestry either.

            It's a similar situation on mum's side, but this is partly because my grandfather was left at the children's home and then auctioned out by the parish as child labour. His past is shrouded in myth and legend, even though I have a pretty good idea today what his heritage was. It certainly isn't what the family legend suggests. But there's also Saami and Kvän (a group that speaks a particular version of Finnish called Meänkieli, living in Finnmark in Norway and Norrbotten/Lappland in Sweden), two groups that has been treated appallingly until quite recently. The languages were banned in the public space and in schools until the 60s, you couldn't joik in public and there were a lot of controversy about land. There are a lot of ore and minerals up north, not to mention forests, that the state wanted to exploit. It's just that people lived there already, people who didn't want their home ruined or being forced to leave. Many were living off the land too. Again, just as with dad's ancestry, mum's family hushed it up because it was seen as a problem if you had such a background.

            There were a lot of things that I didn't know, that the DNA test revealed through the admix tools on GEDmatch, and relatives who found me through the sites I have uploaded to, having a lot more information about our common past. So even if FTDNA's My Origins is so and so, it has been quite amazing anyway.
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              Originally posted by Sivsdotter View Post
              With My Origins 2.0 I get 98% European. The 2% that's not lumped in with the rest of Europe is, to my surprise, Iberia. Since the Iberian Peninsula is in Europe, I began scratching my head a bit. I have tried to research what this actually means, but I can't find anything. Does anyone have any ideas?
              Less than 2% is considered a trace region. Trace regions are not lumped in with the continent. For instance, I have <2% west Africa, <1% North Africa and <1% east Africa And I have 97% Europe and %0 Africa.


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                I have kind of given up the Origins thing. Every site has a different story. I have tested at FTDNA and Ancestry.

                I can upload the Raw DNA to every site that will take them and get different results from each kit.

                Ancestry says I am 7% Irish/Scottish/Welsh and 52% Great Britain, My Heritage shows me as 40% Irish and 27% British. FTDNA shows 80% British Isles

                On My Heritage, I uploaded both my FTDNA and Ancestry kit and had different results from each. My FTDNA kit shows South America in the mix but the Ancestry kit I uploaded there doesn't show anything like that.

                GEDMatch, well that a whole other story. I get widely varying results there with each different origin test and different results from Ancestry DNA kit and FTDNA kit.