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Any Middle Easterners Out There?

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  • Any Middle Easterners Out There?

    I run my mom's account and I was pretty shocked when her results came in. She was born in Russia but identifies as Persian (from the diaspora) and Jewish. I definitely expected more East Middle East and less Asia Minor.

    Asia Minor: 62%
    Sephardic: 21%
    West Middle East: 8%
    East Middle East: 6%
    Central Asia: 4%

    GED Match MDLP K23b 4-Ancestors Oracle:
    Caucasian: 44.75%
    South Central Asian: 20.39%
    Near East: 16.99%
    European Early Farmers: 8.62%
    North African: 5.80%

    What results did you get and what's your story?

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    Middle Eastern: 50%
    -West ME: 22
    -East ME: 15
    -N. African: 6
    -W. Asian: 5
    European: 43%
    Sephardic Jewish: 3%

    MDLP K23b
    # Population Percent
    1 Caucasian 27.29
    2 European_Early_Farmers 18.72
    3 Near_East 17.44
    4 European_Hunters_Gatherers 16.03
    5 North_African 7.32
    6 South_Central_Asian 6.79
    7 East_African 2.32
    8 Ancestral_Altaic 2.08
    9 Archaic_African 1.02

    These are one of my parents' results. They were very surprising to us, we were not expecting any Middle Eastern at all, but I have since deduced that they are half European descent and half Jordanian descent. I'm still trying to learn more about my ancestry


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      Middle Eastern:96%
      East ME:81
      West ME:15
      Southeast Europe:3%
      Undetermined Region:1%

      Dodecad V3 Oracle results:

      Population Percent

      Southwest_Asian 50.51
      Mediterranean 21.71
      West_Asian 17.84
      East_African 5.05
      Northwest_African 4.05
      Southeast_Asian 0.36
      West_European 0.28
      Palaeo_African 0.19


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        Hi all,

        Do anyone knows what Asia minor, west middle east, and east middle east means, which ethnicities re represented by them.

        Thank you,


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          Originally posted by Jasem13 View Post
          Hi all,

          Do anyone knows what Asia minor, west middle east, and east middle east means, which ethnicities re represented by them.

          Thank you,
          FTDNA has a page in their Learning Center for "Population Clusters in myOrigins." Just scroll down to the section "Population Clusters and Descriptions," and you can see their descriptions. The descriptions are more historical, and less so descriptive of particular ethnicities.

          Taking some excerpts from the full historical descriptions on that page:
          • Asia Minor - "The Asia Minor cluster encompasses present day Turkey and Armenia." and "Later, Turkey was considered part of the Roman Empire with the large cities of Troy and Constantinople (present day Istanbul) playing a significant role in the adoption of Greek and Roman culture in the Asia Minor cluster."
          • West Middle East - "The West Middle East cluster is comprised of present day populations from regions along the Eastern border of Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, and Palestine." and "Populations within this cluster share genetic relatedness and a history of trade and conquest among many regions within the Mediterranean. Present day members of the West Middle East cluster share genetic similarity with members of the Druze religious sect primarily found in Lebanon and the nomadic Bedouin tribes found within the deserts of Jordan and Syria.
          • East Middle East - "The East Middle East cluster consists of regions that range from the southern coast of the Caspian Sea in Iran to Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen." and "The continual rise and fall of numerous societies within this cluster resulted in a history of genetic relatedness between the East Middle East populations as well as populations such as the Babylonians, the Assyrians, and the Persians."

          Perhaps someone else has found more information, and can post a better description of those clusters.


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            Thank you very much for the response, very informative response.

            I hope that we may get more information though, the region has high variations among the population, it will be difficult to pinpoint the exact ethnicity.

            Thank you again for the help,