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  • Results of my test

    Hello evrybody,
    I'm french. 50% West African (Burkina Faso) and 50% european (french with spanish heritage)
    I'm surprising to discover my result
    Africa :
    50% West African:
    Europe :
    16% British Isles:
    15% Eastern Europe
    8% Iberic:
    7% Southeast Europ:
    Middle Eastern :
    3% North Africa
    Trace Results
    East Middle East
    East Central Africa
    Central Asia
    South America

    I have tested my result with DNALand :
    49% West African
    Lower Niger Valley 27%
    Mende/Akan 16%
    Senegal River Valley 6.4%
    49% Eurasian
    16% Southwestern European
    10% Northwestern European
    7.7% Sardinian
    5.8% Balkan
    3.3% Mediterranean Islander
    3.2% North Slavic
    2.5% Kalash
    1.7 % not identified

    How to traduce this result very different...I'm lost. Thanks for your help.

    Excuse my english please


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    different methods

    the different companies use different source population data and different algorithms. For me 23andme was much more accurate than FTDNA and they have different settings to get more accuracy. But with more accuracy you get they are less specific.

    For example with the speculative setting :
    70% British, 10% Eastern Europe, 8% German, 4% Southern Europe, 6% Broadly European

    Under conservative, which is 90% accurate
    60% Northwestern European, 35% Broadly European, 2% unassigned

    90% British, 5% Eastern Europe , 5% Asia Minor

    but most people using these services want more detail than "northwestern Europe" or "Southern Europe" thus the companies speculate. At least 23andme honestly reports the accuracy of the speculative setting as 50% accurate. People do not pay $99 to discover they are European or East Asian , or sub-saharan African since they already know.
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      Different methods

      Thanks for your answer.
      I'm understanding that the problem is the different algorithms use beetween testing society.
      Bonne soirée


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        speculative verse conservative

        not just the algorithms, but the level of confidence.

        It seems that FTDNA takes a more speculative approach...23andme in the past defaulted to the conservative ancestry report, but most people wanted to see the speculative results (although it is much less accurate than the conservative view)


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          it would be interesting if FTDNA had a conservative setting to see the more accurate results as 23andme offers.