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Siblings - one with Sephardic ancestry - one not

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  • Siblings - one with Sephardic ancestry - one not

    My brother and I are a mix of "EVERYTHING" and from our parents we know that there is some sephardic jewish ancestry in our lineage. On FTDNA, my brother shows sephardic jewish, but I have 0%. On 23andMe, we both have "ashkenazi." On GEDMATCH's Eurozones JTEST - we both show 4% ashkenazi. On FTDNA my brother doesn't show as Iberian, but I show up as 9% Iberian (where the sephardic jews were from).

    My question is this - why doesn't FTDNA recognize my sephardic jewish dna or ancestry?


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    I wouldn't take MyOrigins too seriously.

    I just posted this on another older thread, but it really belongs here! I was asking whether any other siblings had compared their MyOrigins results. Here's what I posted there; note our results for Jewish ancestry, at the end.

    The My Origins results for me and 3 of my brothers are wildly different from each other (and yes, we really are full siblings, at least according to both Family Finder and my parents!). The results are right in some respects (for example, none of us shows any African or New World ancestry), but they are really a very, very rough estimate at best.

    Of course, we each got different mixtures of DNA from each parent, but we all, of course, have identical ancestry. Among the four of us, our percentages range from 11% to 79% British Isles, 3% to 32% Scandinavia, 0% to 46% Western and Central Europe, and 0% to 20% Southeast Europe. All over the map, so to speak! One of us shows up with 4% Asia Minor and one with 17% Iberia; the rest of us have neither. (We are in fact predominantly Scots Irish, English, German, and Alsatian, with bits of French, Welsh, Cornish, and Swiss thrown in, going back on most lines to early Colonial times.) My Origins clearly has a very tough time distinguishing between the British Isles, Scandinavia, and the rest of Europe -- it appears to be pretty much a crapshoot.

    On the other hand, My Origins does pick up on our 1/16 Jewish ancestry, with percentages of 0%, 3%, 4%, and 5%, though these percentages don't correlate too well with the numbers of Jewish matches each of us have.

    So, you see, our Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry shows up for 3 of us, but not the other. It's just that the test isn't that reliable. I wouldn't waste any time even wondering about it.


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      Susan, I appreciate your response and definitely understand the potential reasons for any of the different categorizations of our family's DNA. the more I research, the more I realize that DNA analysis is completely subjective to a specific DNA data set and relies on how that data set was classified. So our results are at the mercy of those doing the classifications.

      I will not be bothered any longer by the myOrigins results!



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        Well I have no Jewish ancestry in recent times and My origins 2 has attributed to me 11% Sephardic. (Yet neither of my parents show any Jewish at all) There is a serious problem technically with the determinations/attributions in version 2 at least in regards to Jewish/Middle Eastern/Asia Minor results. When and if this is cleared up you may show the proper Jewish attribution.
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          FTDNA says I am 14% Sephardic, but they say my mother is less than 2% and my father 0%. Other etnicities are equally wrong.

          I'd say MyOrigins is worthless. I wouldn't trust it at all. Traditional research is your best bet.