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Help me understand my origins?

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  • Help me understand my origins?

    My name is Alon, a Jew from Israel and in my origins map I got the following:

    I want to understand it better. How does it work? how long it goes back in time? Can it be that each origin goes back to another time?
    And the questions that are interesting to me the most: Can Asia Minor and West Middle East relate to the jewish people?
    All I know is that:
    From the father side: my granfather came to Israel from Iraq and my grandmother came to Israel from India but she was born in Iraq also.
    From the mother side: my grandfather came to Israel from Spain and my grandmother came to Israel from Turkey.
    I would like to know also how can it be that I got Italy and Greece as an origin...
    If someone can explain to me my connection to these origins I would very appreciate it.

    Thank you very much!
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    Alon, your results make sense to me as you are about half-Sephardi and half-Mizrahi. Your MyOrigins estimates are typical. West Middle East includes Israel. And the ancient Israelites had some northern Middle East ancestry related to Asia Minor. Southeast Europe refers in our case to ancient Italian converts to Judaism who became ancestors of both Sephardic and Ashkenazic Jews. But am I correct to assume your grandparent from Spain was a Jew rather than an ethnic Spaniard?


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      Thank you for your answer.
      Yes of course, all of my grandparents were jews from both sides of their parents as long as I know of course.
      Do you have sources about the connection of Israelites to Asia Minor and the conversion of ancient Italian to judaism? I'll be happy to read about it.
      So I understand from you that I'm probably a Jew from the origins of Judaism. I really wanted to know "how Jewish am I". I know that it is just an approximation but I wanted to make sure as good as I can.
      At first I was kind of confused seeing Jewish Diaspora as only 24% but I understand that the site doesn't connect the Mizrahi Jews to Jewish Diaspora and the Jewish Diaspora it shows is just from the part Spharadic that I am.
      I understand correct?


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        MyHeritageDNA has an Iraqi/Iranian Jewish category but they do not accept customers or uploads from Israel for some legal reason. So would be your best bet for more explorations. GEDmatch's Eurogenes K36 will confirm much of what you see here.

        Most instances of conversion to Judaism in Europe weren't recorded in detail and most of their names are unknown. But we do know from DNA evidence that there were more women than men who converted.

        The Sephardic reference population sample in MyOrigins is not as comprehensive as the Ashkenazi ref. pop.


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          Hi Alon,

          It would be great to have you as a member of the Jewish and Italian myOrigins Project.

          Please let me know if you have any questions.


          Vinnie (project administrator)
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