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    What Native American tribes have been tested and are part of MyOrigins v.2?

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    Originally posted by Carolina View Post
    What Native American tribes have been tested and are part of MyOrigins v.2?
    I don't thing Family Tree DNA has released a list of reference populations for myOrigins v. 2 yet. This is a list of the Native American reference populations used in the original Population Finder (the ethnicity tool FTDNA had before myOrigins 1.0):

    • Central American
      • Maya
      • Pima
    • South American
      • Colombian
      • Karitiana
      • Surui

    I could be wrong, but I thought I read somewhere that most, if not all of these were again being used for myOrigins 2.0. I don't think they were used in myOrigins 1.0, but someone will correct me on that, I hope. I'm afraid I don't know where I saw that information, though. There may be additional tribes used in myOrigins 2.0, too.

    I also had a list of Native American reference populations used by 23andMe, from last August, 2016 (note: no Native American reference populations from further north in North America, beyond Mexico, are shown):
    • Karitania (indigenous group in Brazil, "live in the western Amazon region relatively untouched by the outside world"; "currently number between 200 and 300 people" "23andMe's reference database includes 24 representatives of the Karitania population of Brazil")
    • Maya (descendants of the Mayan empire, they "live in a territory spanning the Central American countries of Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and southern Mexico." Today they "number more than 2 million." "23andMe's reference database includes 25 representatives of a Mayan population of southern Mexico.")
    • Pima (Pima Bajo, or O'ob, "live in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Sonora and Chihuahua in northern Mexico;" "related by language to the Pima tribe" in Arizona, U.S. 1,000 members "live in small villages." "23andMe's reference database includes 25 representatives living in the Sierra Madre Mountains")
    • Puinave and Curripaco ("indigenous groups who live near the Inirida River in eastern Columbia." "The two groups have a history of moving ever deeper into the rainforest to avoid contact with Europeans." "23andMe's reference database includes 11 individuals from these two populations")
    • Surui ("a small population of about 300 individuals living on reservations in the forested regions of Rondonia, in northwestern Brazil." "23andMe's reference database includes 21 representatives of the Surui population")


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      I also had a chart, perhaps a visual from some webinar in 2013, which showed the overlap of Reference Populations for 23andMe, Family Tree DNA, and (links are to Wikipedia pages showing populations):


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        Thank you so much. I was wondering about the Northern American Natives, I should've been more specific.


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          I suspected you might mean Northern American tribes, but by describing what I knew, you could see that as far as what information has been available, it does not seem that more North American Native American reference populations have been included as yet. I know that many tribes don't trust DNA testing, so it's not a surprise.

          Maybe someone else who knows more will post differently, or FTDNA will eventually show what reference populations were used for myOrigins 2.0. We can dream, anyway!