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Are there any people who should have Iberian but only have West Central Europe

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  • Are there any people who should have Iberian but only have West Central Europe


    I wanted to know if there were any other people of Spanish of Portuguese descent who should have Iberian or a (significant amount) but just don't with My Origins 2.0 ?

    The first version of MO used to tell me I was 20% Southern European, Southern European means a lot of things, however, my aunt got over 20% Iberian with 23andMe.
    Most Gedmatch tests give me around 8% and so does

    I don't know what to think ... Except for the European part, MO 2.0 is actually more accurate, especially on my North African ancestry.

    Thank you !


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    Spanish / Portugese in MO 2.0

    I should have at minimum 25% as I have two Great Grandparents from Malaga Spain. but I have 0% in 2.0 should have Some From Sephardic ancestry as well but nothing? its all south east europe now.


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      Ok so I'm not alone. I also have a little of Southeast Europe but well ... They really need to explain because it makes no sense at all.


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        I've seen quite a few MyOrigns results of Portuguese people who have documented genealogical records for hundreds years of only Portuguese ancestors. This is what I've observed.

        1. The Iberia isn't working at all for some Portuguese with several coming out 0%, but for other's it's kicking out percentages that are extremely high up to 100%. I'm seeing this from people whose ancestors have been in the same regions for hundreds of years.(0%-100% Iberia) ?????!

        2. I am seeing very high percentages of Western & Central Europe in Portuguese results of 40%-80%. This is extremely confusing and distressing to some people that are new to these tests and takes a lot of time to explain to them one by one in a way they can understand.

        FTDNA needs to figure out where the problem lies with the Iberia reference population fix it and provide some information.


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          I found a kit at FTDNA where both parents get 37% Iberian DNA and one child gets 46% Iberian DNA. Another child gets 0% Iberian DNA but gets a very large amount of West and Central Europe instead, more than a parent that does, even though the other parent doesn't have any West and Central Europe. Even with each child inheriting a different amount from each parent in real world circumstances the differences are statistically impossible to be real so the 2nd child with 0% Iberian DNA does not really have 0% Iberian DNA.

          As I had posted, and as can be seen with the family of four, most of the kits that should get Iberian do get Iberian but some of them are getting more than expected.


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            I just made a post about this; but yes. I am part Spanish on my dad's side along with Portuguese (my dad's family are of Mexican and New Mexico descent and I have records that traced ancestors back to Spain); but I gotten no Iberian on myOrigin at all and they raised my Europe West and Central up a lot (to 33%), even drastically lowering my British Isles results.

            That makes no sense. On ancestryDNA I was 25% Irish and 15% Great Britain while on here it is only 15%, 7% Europe West and 6% Scandinavian and 3% Finish/Northwest Russia. 23andMe said I am around 39% Northwestern with British and Irish being the highest in that category (German was only 4% and Scandinavian only 1% with a lot of broadly Northwestern that is most likely British though as I have a lot of English ancestors on my mom's side). And 32% Southern European which most of it is Iberian and broadly Southern European, no Italian.

            In my opinion, it is not really accurate at all. I guess compared to the old myOrigin, it is a little better as they gave me a lot of Middle East for some reason.