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Trying to understand my Genealogy- Lineage, Ancestry DNA, FTDNA AND Gedmatch

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  • Trying to understand my Genealogy- Lineage, Ancestry DNA, FTDNA AND Gedmatch

    Hi guys,

    So I've now been doing some intense Genealogy in the past few months and here's what I've found out so far. According to FTDNA, Ancestry DNA AND gedmatch my Ethnicity comprises of the following;

    FTDNA- 94% British Isles, 5 % East Europe, <2% Ashkenazi Jew, <2% West Middle East

    Ancestry DNA- 42% Great Britain, 21% Ireland, 17% Scandinavia, 11% Europe West, 3% Europe East, 2% Finland/ Northwest Russia, <1% Italy/Greece, <1% Iberian Peninsula, <1% European Jewish

    MDLP K32b

    Ancestral_Altaic 5.07
    South_Central_Asian 8.97
    Caucasian 21.32
    Archaic_Human 0.25
    European_Early_Farmers 26.87
    North_African 0.28
    European_Hunters_Gatherers 37

    1 Irish @ 2.457542

    1 Dutch + Irish + Irish + Irish @ 1.994621

    GEDMATCH Eurogenes 36- 4.99% Basque, 7.34% Central Europe, 1.46% East Balkan, 9.27% East Central Europe, 5.53% Eastern Europe, 7.67% Fennoscandian, 10.35% French, 8.31% Iberian, 8.36% Italian, 15.09% North Atlantic, 1.31% North Caucasian, 19.01% North Sea, 1.32% South Central Asian.

    MDLP World-22

    West-Asian 8.39
    North-European-Mesolithic 5.53
    Arctic-Amerind 0.09
    South-America_Amerind 0.50
    Indian 1.19
    Atlantic_Mediterranean_Neolithic 32.50
    Indo-Iranian 1.48
    North-East-European 47.90

    Using 1 population approximation:
    1 German_V @ 3.221671

    Using 4 populations approximation:
    1 German_V + Romania + Swedish + Swedish @ 1.482404

    GEDMATCH Jtest- 15.04% South Baltic, 9.29% East European, 27.36% North Central European, 27.04% Atlantic, 9.12% West Mediterranean, 6.01% Ashkenazi, 2.51% East Mediterranean, 2.69% West Asian, 0.95% South Asian.

    So as you can see there is quite a variety of results here. I've been building my family tree and I've found that 2/4 of my ancestors lived in the Yorkshire area to about 1800-1700. 1/4 In Lancaster up to 1800 and 1/4 in Scotland (I haven't made much progress with Scottish side). The thing I find puzzling though is I don't look typically British. I have Brown eyes, tanned skin and dark brown hair (and I've always been judged as not being native) and I was under the impression that these tests would come out a lot less skewed towards Northern Europe. Yet the GEDMATCH tests do seem to show a lot more variety. My ultimate goal would be to match up my DNA results fully with my family tree. Has anyone on this forum located Ancestors going further back than 1700-1800 which match up with DNA results?
    I would greatly appreciate possible interpretations of these results from someone more knowledgeable than me. My Gedmatch is A548614 if your interested in running anymore tests!


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    It's been a year and I don't know if you've been able to get the info you wanted.

    The tools were obviously weighted towards European ancestry. Did you also consider African ancestry?

    This tool "puntDNAL K8 African only" shows you have:

    # Population Percent
    1 Western_Semitic 90.94
    2 Omotic 6
    3 E_Benue_Congo 2.92
    4 Eastern_HG 0.13

    Omotic refers to an ethnic group from Ethiopia. What do you think?

    Best regards,

    T Hill