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Maternal Relationship predictions are way off

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  • prairielad
    See the following for a little more info

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  • Chrisinhouston
    started a topic Maternal Relationship predictions are way off

    Maternal Relationship predictions are way off

    I haven't been to my FF Matches page in awhile and today when I visited I noticed a little white female figure on a small red square just below several of the names for my matches. And I noticed in the tabs above it now says I have 30 Maternal Matches, I assume these little markers by the name indicate those.

    In my situation some are correct, some that I know are Maternal Relationships are not marked and some that are marked are completely wrong. To be honest I think most of my matches probably come from my mother's side but there are several of my known cousins from her side that don't have the icon and how could my granddaughter be a maternal match? Does anyone know what they are using to make this prediction?