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    @rainbow - I once read the French are recycled Vikings.


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      Originally posted by Stephen Rhodes View Post
      My Family Finder myOrigins results tell me that I am 100% European. The breakdown is as follows:

      57% from the British Isles
      24% from Scandinavia
      19% from Western and Central Europe

      I would love to talk to people with similar results. Also, anyone who can help me understand what this means would be great!


      If the chips works like the Geno 2.0 NG one, and it might not. That would seem like something like Scottish, British, northern German/Scandinavian.


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        Originally posted by Armando View Post
        Have you had an test? They are the best at picking up Native American DNA. 23andme is also very good at it. FTDNA myOrigins isn't good at picking up small amounts of Native American.

        Gedmatch can provide false results called noise since people from Europe also get up to 2% Native American when they have no Native American or even American ancestry.
        Yeah, there are a few new ones on GEDMATCH that seem to pick up any excess Finnish & Siberian as a bit of Native American (even as much as 2.5%). It seems my dad has a bit more of the Finnish and Siberian category on Geno 2.0 NG than expected for his region (as well as a bit of Finnish surviving on 23 even in conservative mode) and has been picking up some Native American on a few of the new GEDMATCH tests seemingly due to that.


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          Originally posted by Stephen Rhodes View Post
          Food for thought... I wonder if the 24% that is Scandinavian represents Viking ancestry in the British Isles? I also wonder if the 19% Western and Central European could represent the Angles, Saxons and Jutes influences in the British Isles - England especially?

          It does. A decent chunk to most of it is just ancient mix-in typical for British Isles (especially Scottish and east British).

          The Geno 2.0 NG presentation makes all this stuff clear as day. The other sites just leave people hanging and you have to do a look of looking around and asking to get a sense of what what means.

          Your amount seems a little high (but again it might be an FTDNA vs Geno 2.0 NG chip difference so I can't be sure whether it is just that or just randomness that you hit up more Scandinavian markers or maybe have one north German or Scandinavian ancestor mixed in within reasonable genealogical time frame).


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            My dad gets (of course keep in mind this is with the Geno 2.0 NG chip and it might not actually give the exact same results as the FTDNA chip, I also note Geno 2.0 NG draws the borders for the regions somewhat differently than FTDNA does):
            88% Eastern European
            12% Finland and Siberia

            On paper so far he is 100% Latvian. Family rumor says one line should probably head over to Poland. His R-L20 seems a bit unusual for Latvia. His V3 seems reasonable for Latvia (or Finland).

            He has a few odd matches, nearly 100% British & Irish, nearly 100% French and, less odd given all DNA tests in seeming agreement, 100% Finnish. You never know whether matches are upstream or downstream though. The British & Irish ones seem very small, like 0.10% type.

            One Geno 2.0 he had a little bit lower Northern European basic ancient component and a little bit higher Southwest Asian basic ancient component than expected while his Mediterranean basic ancient component was reasonably as expected. That sort of hinted at some sort of Finnish addition along with some sort of far eastern Balkan/Romanian/Southwestern Ukranian or some such type component. On 23 he gets some Finnish that survives even in conservative mode and I think 1.7% at 50% mode. Geno 2.0 NG above shows what seems to be a bit excess Finland and Siberia component compared to likely average for Baltics (which I guess will be something around 3%-8%, not too much data to go on yet). And he does have some 100% Finnish matches. So I think all tests point to some bit of real Finnish ancestry in a genealogical time frame. And 23 gave some Balkan on speculative. Geno 2.0 NG as shown above has the Eastern European region covering the possible eastern Balkan/Romanian/Southwestern Ukranian type possible element. So hinting a lot from Geno 2.0 and seeing those hints compatible with Geno 2.0 NG and some vague hint that 23 thinks it might not be a crazy idea and seeing how Finnish and that sort of component would average in Geno 2.0 and how the numbers look in Geno 2.0 NG and 23 it seems like it might all fit together to yeah hint at in addition to the primary Latvian probably some genealogical time frame Finnish ancestor and also one from the very broad greater Romanian-type region. 23 also claims a mysterious 0.7% British & Irish and some bit of Broadly Northwestern European (to a greater degree than either Geno or any GEDMATCH stuff hint at).

            In fact, for completeness here are some others:
            Geno 2.0:
            49% Northern European
            30% Mediterranean
            19% Southwest Asian
            (this result combined with Geno 2.0 NG would strongly suggest very largely Baltic ancestry with a little Finnish and some sort of perhaps little bit of Polish and some sort of very broadly general Romanian/western Ukranian area ancestry)

            79.1% Eastern European (48.1% survives in Conservative)
            9.1% Broadly Northwestern European (0.1% survives in Conservative)
            2.0% Scandinavian
            1.9% Finnish (0.1% survives in Conservative)
            0.7% British & Irish
            0.6% Broadly Southern European
            1.0% Balkan
            (this would hint, obviously, a lot from Eastern Europe but without really giving the slightest clue as to where in their truly gigantic region it would fall plus a little Finnish, maybe a trace of Scandinavian although hard to say, maybe a bit of some sort of German or even English and perhaps a trace of Balkan)

            92% North Slavic (which is poorly named since it appears this component peaks in people who are not even Slavic at all and many deeply Slavic people get only 50%)
            2.1% Ambiguously Northeast European
            5.2% North/central European
            1.2% Ambiguously West Eurasian
            (this would hint at some sort of strongly Baltic/Belorussian/Russian ancestry, less than zero hint as which, with maybe a little German and Polish and maybe some other little nothern bit of one sort or another; oddly, if you look at their shaded map, it actually hints that the one place in the North Slavic region he would not be from is Latvia or Lithuania though! as they base the heat map in part on Ashkenazi components centered on Poland and Latvia which makes no sense at all!)

            Eurogenes K13:
            North_Atlantic 28.45
            Baltic 51.72
            West_Med 9.20
            West_Asian 6.67
            East_Med 0.57
            South_Asian 1.36
            Siberian 0.37
            Amerindian 0.27
            Oceanian 0.82
            Sub-Saharan 0.54

            Using 1 population approximation:
            1 Lithuanian @ 4.344326

            Using 2 populations approximation:
            1 50% Lithuanian +50% Russian_Smolensk @ 3.407391

            Using 3 populations approximation:
            1 50% Lithuanian +25% Lithuanian +25% Ukrainian_Lviv @ 3.251049

            Using 4 populations approximation:
            1 Lithuanian + Lithuanian + Lithuanian + Ukrainian_Lviv @ 3.251049
            2 Lithuanian + Lithuanian + Lithuanian + Ukrainian @ 3.304688
            3 Lithuanian + Lithuanian + Lithuanian + Ukrainian_Belgorod @ 3.347152
            4 Lithuanian + Lithuanian + Lithuanian + Polish @ 3.393333
            (this would seem to hint at largely Baltic with possibly Polish or Ukranian)
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              Waldemar, a participant in the forum Anthrogenica who is Polish with some Lithuanian admixture, wrote here that he scores 100% Eastern Europe in MyOrigins.

              He also posted his DNA Land estimates: 80% North Slavic, 9.2% Southwestern European, 5.6% Northwest European, 4.5% Balkan, 1% Ambiguous West Eurasian.

              His Baltic score is 47.06% in Eurogenes K13.

              puntDNAL K15 Oracle's correctly identifies Polish as his closest overall ethnicity.


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                Northwest Jutland, DK, only half Scandinavian

                I am nearly 100 % from Northwest Jutland, Denmark, according to papers dating back to the 1600s. Therefore I could be an interesting subject for science, but it is not so. I - an other people from that area - have to do the work ourselves.

                Ftdna: 100 % European
                54 % Scandinavia
                30 % Western and Central Europe
                16 % British Isles

                23andMe:100 % European
                45 % Scandinavian
                20 % British & Irish
                4 % French & German
                30 % Broadly Northwestern European
                1 % Broadly European
                And less than 0,1 % Sub-Saharan African.

                This corresponds quite well with the results of other people of North-Jutland origin, that I know of.

                So no traces of Slavic origin in the past few hundred years.


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                  Self - Ancestry-100% European
                  Western Europe=30%
                  Trace Regions=4%

                  F/Finder {uploaded from Ancestry}
                  British Isles=73%
                  Western Central Europe=19%
                  Eastern Europe=4%
                  Southern Europe=4%

                  Brother-F/Finder-100% European
                  British Isles=94%
                  Southern Europe-6%


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                    100% too

                    Known ancestry: 72% British Isles, 28% Western Europe
                    Results: 71% Western Europe, 29% Scandinavian

                    Ridiculously inaccurate, but interesting nevertheless.


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                      Ridiculously so

                      94% British Isles
                      3% Iberian
                      3% Scandinavian


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                        Originally posted by kevinduffy
                        Originally posted by kevinduffy View Post
                        My results are 100% European/100% British Isles.
                        Jessie, a participant in Anthrogenica, is Irish like you, and wrote today about the 100% British Isles reading she and her brother both got.


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                          I am 90% British Isles and 10% Central European. My mother has three grandparents who are 100% Danish.


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                            Everybody in my group has 100% European, except my son, which is interesting because both parents get 100% European:

                            Maternal grandfather- British born mom/American Colonial dad
                            British Isles 58%
                            W&C Europe 36%
                            S Europe 6%

                            Mom - above + 25% PA Dutch/25% N Irish from Donegal
                            W&C Europe 54%
                            British Isles 46%

                            Me - above + 100% American Colonial dad
                            British Isles 63%
                            W&C Europe 37%

                            Son - above + 25% Polish/12.5% German/12.5% Irish
                            British Isles 49%
                            W&C Europe 30%
                            Finland & N Siberia 17%
                            S Europe 2%
                            Asia Minor 3% ??????

                            Husband/father of son- 50% Polish from mom + 25% German/25% Irish dad
                            Eastern Europe 46%
                            British Isles 15%
                            Scandinavia 12%
                            S Europe 11%
                            Finland & N Siberia 9%
                            W&C Europe 7%

                            Husband's Polish mom
                            Eastern Europe 80%
                            Finland & N Siberia 9%
                            S Europe 8%
                            Scandinavia 2%


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                              Yeah so here is a comparison of MyOrigins to others as well as compared to my family tree so far. Needless to say the Science isn't perfect on Ethnicity testing, though does show some promise.

                              Based on current Family Tree using 50/50 method and rounding decimals(I know DNA doesn't work this way):
                              73% British Isles/Ireland
                              27% Western/Central Europe(Dutch, German/Prussian, Swiss, French)

                              46% British Isles
                              23% Southern Europe
                              20% Scandinavia
                              11% Eastern Europe

                              Ancestry V1 Chip:
                              56% Europe West
                              19% Ireland
                              9% Great Britain
                              6% Europe East
                              3% Scandinavia
                              2% Italy/Greece
                              2% Finland/Northwest Russia
                              1% Asia South
                              <1% Iberian Peninsula
                              <1% Africa North

                              Ancestry V2 Chip
                              54% Europe West
                              18% Ireland
                              13% Great Britain
                              5% Europe East
                              3% Scandinavia
                              2% Italy/Greece
                              2% Finland/Northwest Russia
                              1% Iberian Peninsula
                              <1% Asia South
                              <1% Africa North

                              Genographic 2.0(Not Next Gen)
                              42% Northern European
                              39% Mediterranean
                              19% Southwest Asian

                              61% Northwest European
                              16% South/Central European
                              14% North Slavic
                              3.4% Southwestern European
                              1.2% Ambiguous Southwestern European
                              4.3% Ambiguous West Eurasian


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                                100% British Isles

                                I got 100% British Isles. I have a well researched tree stretching back a long way, and that is exactly what I expected.