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5% Asia Minor?

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  • 5% Asia Minor?

    Hello, The 5% Asian Minor is confusing me. I have no know Asian ancestors. When my great grandmother was alive she said her father was born on the reservation in Oklahoma and That is all she knew. Could this be Native American?

    My Origins

    70% British Isles
    25% Scandinavian
    5% Asia Minor
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    No, it is not Native American. FTDNA gives weird results at times but that Asia Minor could be due to an ancestor from that region. You might want to try testing at the other companies also.


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      Where are your other known ancestors from? That might help you figure out who might have come from an area that my tie into the Asia Minor area. Take my ancestors for instance, I have ALL European ancestors, so finding Asia Minor in my MyOrigins is baffling, unless you take into account that my Great Grandma's father is from Sicily. Sicily is a melting pot for the surrounding areas who used the Mediterranean Sea as a means of travel and trade. Therefore, it isn't a far stretch to think that my Asia Minor came from my Sicilian branch (as opposed to my Germans/Irish/English ancestors). If you know where your various lines came from in the old worlds, do a little history research to see what groups may have settled their regions and that may clue you in as to why you might match the Asia Minor population for 5%.