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myOrigins percentages are losing FTDNA business!!

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  • myOrigins percentages are losing FTDNA business!!

    I had mentioned this a few months ago in a thread that was later deleted in its entirety, but I want to bring it up again because it is costing FTDNA business. I manage kits with myOrigins percentages totaling 99% and 101%. When trying to convince an individual to take the Family Finder test the first thing that intrigues them is the ethnic breakdown that it provides. They naturally want to see as many examples as possible. The excitement and interest in their faces completely fades when they notice these totals. Then I am put in the position of defending FTDNA, trying to convince them that it is a reputable company, that it still would be beneficial to their genealogical endeavors to take the test, and that it’s merely a rounding error. How many did I win over during this past sale? NOT ONE!

    This needs to be addressed and corrected. It is such a shame that these individuals are currently not in the database because of a rounding error.

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    Currently the system does not report matches under 1% and will round to only show whole numbers (if that can correctly be applied to percentage numbers). In any event this can result in a total of under 100 or just over. I will bring this up with the management team in terms of updating the matching algorithm to display this, but there are currently no plans to change this.

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      Thank you, Darren. You have been doing an admirable job here lately on the forums.

      I do appreciate that matching algorithms dealing with rounded numbers can be tricky. Perhaps a footnote that explains that the values are rounded and the overall total may not equal 100% would be beneficial. I’d prefer percentages that round to the nearest hundredth similar to Population Finder, but I may be alone in my preference on that one.

      I just wish that this issue wasn’t interfering with my ability to enlist new testees.

      Thanks again for all your recent efforts here on the forums!


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        Thanks Darren for the explanation, I was wondering about my other 1%! Perhaps that is the Cherokee Indian that supposedly runs through my veins lol It is far enough back generation wise that it should definitely be under 1%.


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          Admixture results can be a bit of fun, but not to be taken too seriously, each of the many places you can check your origins will give varying results, many folk like to shop around until they get one that suits what they 'think' fits them. Try the reports at GEDmatch see how much they can vary. Each company/report use different reference populations etc database. I've got, Geno 1 & 2, FTDNA, 23&Me, Dr. McDonald and GEDmatch, all vary, yet all can fit if I want them to. They are all to be taken with a grain of salt.
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