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Please post your ftdna "My Origins" results for comparison:

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  • Please post your ftdna "My Origins" results for comparison:

    Hi there,

    I'm looking to find out what “family-tree-dna My Origins” ethnic percentages in total constitute peoples of ANY ancestry for comparison. (Although Greeks, Turks, Cypriots, Italians, Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis, Palestinians would be preferred in this case).

    FTdna uses far more snp markers within autosomal dna (whole genome sequencing) than any other company to date (more than 23andme), so all results should be very accurate (much more accurate than 23andme). Family tree dna uses 708,092 snp's in total, while 23andme uses 577,382 snp's in total.

    Please state:
    1) What proportions make you up in entirety from a FAMILIAL perspective,
    2) All the genetic proportions that you get with FTdna “my origins” to tell of your ACTUAL ancestry:

    Best wishes, Chris

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    I'll start the thread off:

    I’ll start the thread off,

    1) I’m 1/8th Greek from Greece (islands of Lesvos and Limnos) and 7/8ths Greek Cypriot from Cyprus in entirety from a FAMILIAL perspective.

    2) My FTdna “my origins” ACTUAL ancestry results are:
    68% Middle Eastern: (65% Anatolian and 3% North African)
    24% European: (24% Southern European)
    8% Jewish Diaspora: (8% Ashkenazi Jewish)

    Best wishes, Chris


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      Here's my family group, most look ok but our child's results looks a bit strange given both parents results:

      100% Kashubian Polish - husband's mom:
      80% Eastern Europe
      9% Finland and N Siberia
      8% Southern Europe
      2% Scandinavia

      Her son/my husband- 50% above/25% German from Goldlauter/25% Irish from Limerick:
      46% Eastern Europe
      15% British Isles
      12% Scandinavia
      11% Southern Europe
      9% Finland and N Siberia
      7% Western and Central Europe

      Our child: me plus husband- No Eastern Europe?:
      49% British Isles
      30% Western and Central Europe
      17% Finland and N Siberia ---??? Why so high?
      2% Southern Europe
      3% Asia Minor -----???Where did this come from?

      Me/mom - 87.5% UK and Ireland/12.5% PA Dutch (Swiss/German Mennonites)
      63% British Isles
      37% Western and Central Europe

      My mom - 75% UK and Ireland/25% PA Dutch (above)
      54% Western and Central Europe
      46% British Isles


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        I flatly disagree with my FTDNA My Origins results. So I don't give their percentages. I prefer my results.


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          Originally posted by Littlest bit View Post
          Here's my family group, most look ok but our child's results looks a bit strange given both parents results [----]
          Funny results, but very valuable! Thank you for posting them!


          In my project, I just have 100% European with no subdivisions.


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            Originally posted by PDHOTLEN View Post
            I flatly disagree with my FTDNA My Origins results. So I don't give their percentages. I prefer my results.
            In your case, which ones are wrong in FTDNA? Percentages or Populations?



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              I'm not in your preferred origin groups, but I'll reply anyway.

              Mine: Familial - 55% English, 35% Irish, 6.25% Scottish, circa 3.75% brick wall but probably English or Irish

              Some of my Irish ancestors probably arrived in Ireland with Cromwell so actually English. Rumoured single Australian aboriginal ancestor no proof located.

              My 'MyOrigins':

              European 98% - 98% British Isles
              Central/South Asia 2% - 2% Central Asia

              My son: Familial - 55% English, 27% Irish, 6% Scottish, remaining 12% roughly equal proportions of Italian, Manx and Welsh

              Son's 'My Origins':

              European 95% - 73% British Isles, 12% Western and Central Europe, 10% Scandinavia
              Middle Eastern 5% - 5% Asia Minor

              It all looks reasonable to me. My own South Asian potentially came through my Scottish ancestor judging by the shared origins of my matches. My son's Asia Minor is a mystery at present, but the Scandinavian and Western/Central European make sense.



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                Known ancestry: English 50% Scottish 31% Irish 19%

                My origins: British isles 69 Scandinavia 30 North Africa 1


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                  Never could figure out percentages for which of my ancestors came from where. I'm too complex a mix. I have people from Ireland who came from Scotland, England, and Ireland. Norwegians, Swedes, and Finns who were early settlers in New Amsterdam, and New Sweden. They married people who were from England and settled in Mass. Bay Colony. I've a Great grandmother with the last name of Duncan who was born in Texas in 1856 and that's all I know of her. Settlers from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Palatine, Flanders, France. Percents I don't know how to figure out because I don't know at which level of grandparent to start counting. LOL

                  MyOrigins percentages are easy. 100% European

                  I'm 100% European broken down into Western/Central Europe 57% Scandinavia 43%

                  My brother's 100% European 76% Western/Central Europe and Scandinavia 24%


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                    Familial ->
                    13 gg-grandparents: Veneto;
                    2 gg-grandparents: East Lombardy (near Veneto);
                    1 gg-grandmother: West Friuli-Venezia Giulia (near Veneto).

                    MyOrigins ->
                    67% South Europe
                    18% British Isles
                    9% Asia Minor
                    6% East Europe


                    0% from the cluster that cover Veneto and an exagerated 18% from British Isles? I talked to another venet, and the results were similar. MyOrigins doesn't seem to work so well for Veneto and maybe for others intersection cluster zones.


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                      i'm gonna list my mom's myorigins since i haven't taken a dna test.

                      i don't think they are that accurate, but i'm not sure how much more accurate her ancestry and gedmatch results are either.

                      also my mom's parents are from mexico(from the state of zacatecas particularly)

                      51% european
                      22% new world
                      9% east asian
                      7% jewish diaspora(ashkenazi)
                      6% central/south asian
                      5% african


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                        My MyOrigins results are:

                        British Isles 57%
                        Southern Europe 20%
                        Scandinavia 17%
                        Finland and Northern Siberia 3%
                        Eastern Middle East 3%

                        This is what Ancestry listed for me:

                        Great Britain 52%
                        Ireland 26%
                        Scandinavia 7%
                        Italy/Greece 6%
                        Europe West 3%
                        Europe East 2%
                        Finland/Northwest Russia 2%
                        Caucasus 1%
                        Middle East 1%


                        My mom's MyOrigins results were:

                        British Isles 58%
                        Scandinavia 23%
                        Southern Europe 9%
                        Eastern Europe 6%
                        Eastern Middle East 4%

                        And her results from Ancestry:

                        Europe West 35%
                        Great Britain 29%
                        Ireland 19%
                        Italy/Greece 6%
                        Finland/Northwest Russia 4%
                        Scandinavia 3%
                        Iberian Peninsula 2%
                        Europe East 2%


                        I'm currently waiting for my dad's FF results from FTDNA, I should have them in a couple of weeks.

                        As for my ancestry, on my dad's side, we're largely from England, Scotland and Ireland, with some German mixed in several centuries ago.

                        On my mom's side, though, we're largely recent immigrants, coming to America between 1890-1903. One of her grandparents came from Stolberg, Rheinland, Germany, and another from Klopodia, Banat, Austria-Hungary (which is now Clopodia, Timis, Romania). And two of her great-grandparents were immigrants from County Galway, Ireland (specifically from Clifden for one, I'm not sure of the exact location in Galway for the other). She also has more German, Swiss and Irish further back in her ancestry, from the only line I can trace back prior to 1800 in America on her side.


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                          Re: Please post your ftdna "My Origins" results for comparison:

                          Hi. Mine at FTDNA is 100% European:
                          Western and Central Europe 65%
                          Scandinavia 27%
                          Southern Europe 5%
                          British Isles 3%

                          My results:
                          Europe 100%---
                          Great Britain 71%
                          Iberian Peninsula 15%
                          Europe West 7%
                          Ireland 2%
                          Italy/Greece < 1%

                          According to family lore, I should have 1/16 Native American in my blood. What would I do to find if I have that? Thanks for any help.
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                            Crossover - i think your New World and both Asian percentages are reflective of Native Mexicans/American roots, the European and Ashkenazi are likely from Spanish/European settlers to Mexico. These numbers seem pretty on par with what I know about Mexican history, mestizos. The African percentages probably factor in from slaves of those Europeans... if you get a chance, see if you can find a show called Finding Your Roots on YouTube and find Jessica Albas episode... or Aaron Sanchez!


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                              And Carla your results are pretty clearly non-native... either by chance those genes did not pass on to you, or you don't have a native ancestor. You could test more family members to be totally sure. The older the test taker the better!