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Connecting Autosomal to Cousin's Y DNA

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  • Connecting Autosomal to Cousin's Y DNA


    So, I transferred my DNA from another service over here. I paid the $$ to have the match "unlocked." I was really pleased that the matches appeared so quickly, but it will take two days to process my payment? Hum....

    What I viewed as being an advantage to having my autosomal results over here is that my cousins have their YDNA results through FTDNA. I was thinking that there might be a way to connect my autosomal results to the relevant YDNA project surnames and kits.

    Is that possible? (He is H-21 9438 on the Haney surname project)

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    In your profile, you can/should have information about your cousin, so people who are matching you, but not him are pointed in the right/his direction.

    If you are 100% sure about your paternal line, enter that information into your profile too.

    In Family Finder, you can see Y-DNA haplogroups (of those who tested Y-DNA) after selecting Show Full View. You can sort by Y-DNA Haplogroup. But the meaningful results are at the end, so you may want to download your matches (either CSV or Excel format) and in a spreadsheet you can more easily manipulate with sorting.