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    Originally posted by Dram View Post
    Well, for me I have to assume that my results are correct only because I don't know where one of my lines comes from.

    One thing that does concern me a bit is the seemingly no trace of Scandinavian history that I have well documented from Norway, Sweden, and Northern Germany/Denmark.

    My Results:

    100% European Broken Down:

    61% Coastal Islands: (Makes sense because I am mostly of Isles descent: Welsh, Irish, Scottish, and English)

    33% Coastal Plain: (Also, makes sense as I have German/Dane and French ancestry)

    3% North Circumpolar: (Interesting because I don't have any known Finnish ancestry but I do have many Finnish matches. I also have some Norwegian and Danish matches. I wonder if this is from the line that is unknown to me. It'd be easy to say this was from my Swedish or Norwegian lines however, my research shows traditional Nor/Swede names for at least 2 centuries and they are from southern Sweden and southern Norway...with the exception of one line from slightly NE of Oslo.)

    3% Trans-Ural Peneplain: (Have no known ancestry in this region however, I can see some Germans having this lineage or again from my unknown line).

    How is it I managed to not have any European Northlands? Despite me actually having Scandinavian ancestry 15-20% roughly...What about my English, Scottish, and Irish ancestors...surely they had Scandinavian admixture?
    The 3% North Circumpolar could possibly be from Norway. There have been finnish immigration to Norway since at least the 15th century. And there's also the Saami to consider...


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      Originally posted by PDHOTLEN View Post
      I finally see my origins (replacing PF). But it sure took me aback. I am 100% European. But the breakdown made me do a double take. My dad's side is as expected. That leaves my maternal side that needs to be explained. My direct maternal line is still in tact. Which narrows it down to my so called Austrian portion. Even though, according to legal records, I am 1/4 Austrian (making me eligible for an Austrian passport), I may not be Austrian at all (NPE?).
      IF I can trust FTDNA to give me true facts, then it looks like yet another NPE in my vast tree. King John of England didn't marry my maternal ancestress. My ancestral couple in Norway didn't bother to officially tie the knot. And now, with 20% Mediterranean, it looks like my official maternal grandfather was not my biological maternal grandfather, heh heh.


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        Well, being native german (west german) with very low information about my ancestry, i´m wondering why there is no european costal plain. The North Mediterranean amount is interesting.

        The new results are closer to gedmatch than the old ones.

        My PF results:
        Western European 90%
        Middle East 10 %

        MyOrigin results:
        99% European:

        European Northlands 44%
        North Mediterranean Basin 28 %
        European Coastal Islands 27 %


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          Results for Andalusian people

          I'm a native Spanish from Andalusia and all my known ancestors (five or six generations back) were from Andalusia, too.
          I find it strange that there are significant differences among the members of my family regarding percentages obtained.
          In my particular case, I think the amount of European Coastal Plain is maybe overestimated.
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            My Origins vs PF

            My original PF showed me as 48% Middle East (Bedouin South, Druze, Iranian, Jewish, Mozabite, Palestinian); 46% Europe Southern (Sardinian); and 5% Asian (North and South Indian). This was a bizarre finding as my two first cousins were both 100% Middle East (Jewish). I questioned my findings and was told that the results I had was what my test showed. Now, My Origins is showing me as 100% Jewish Diaspora. Although there are no surprises there--already knew that from my paper trail, I am confused as to the disparate results from PF and My Origins.


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              Disappearing African result

              I find myOrigins to be a big improvement over the old Population Finder. However, on Population Finder, I was 97% European and 3% sub-Saharan African. (The African component was unknown to me, but not very surprising.) On myOrigins I'm 100% European. Just curious if any other primarily European people have had a small African percentage disappear from their mix in this changeover.


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                Here are my results. I'm Cuban of Canary Island descent. For the most part it seems pretty accurate and it matches with paper trail. The only thing that stands out as strange is the British percentage.
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                  Originally posted by Danny78 View Post
                  In Dr. McDonalds analysis, I showed around 16% Native American ancestry. In my GEDmatches, I show around 17% NA ancestry. In "My Origins", I show 11% New World and 4% East Asian. I don't know of any East Asian ancestry in my family. Plus, East Asian immigration to Puerto Rico (where I'm from) was very scarce throughout its history. What are the chances that 4% "East Asian' in reality corresponds to Native American ancestry instead? Anybody with known Native American ancestry getting "East Asian" as well?
                  I started a thread on the East Asian being pulled from Native American in Mexicans at

                  I should have thought of asking other Latinos with Native American ancestry if they were seeing the same thing.


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                    One change, which I was pleased to see, was that the French origin under Pop. Finder has been replaced with an %8 European Coastal plain in MyOrigin. In fact that percentage is about how much West German ancestry is predicted by the written genealogical records I have examined. Population Finder had been puzzling to me before because France did not contribute very much if at all to my genealogy according to what I had known.

                    Also, under Pop. Finder I had 27% Romanian, Russian, and Finnish ancestry. In MyOrigins, I still had the Slavic/Russian (Trans-Ural Peniplain) area and the Finnish (North Circumpolar), but the Romanian is gone. Now I have 22% North Mediterranean basin, which is new to me. Matches that have come in that show that I have distant cousins in Sweden and Poland. However I have not found the source of the North Mediterranean basin yet. There are no Italians or Spanish as far as I know. I am continuing to research that area.


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                      Population Finder and My Origins

                      They should have kept the other one!!! Why remove one thing for another?

                      Originally posted by Taz85 View Post
                      Can I have the old Population Finder back please.....


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                        Disappearing ME

                        I just checked the MyOrigins results for my brother and myself. Under PF we were listed as 97.6% European(Orcadian) and 2.4+-% Middle Eastern. The Middle Eastern part was a mystery to us because we are predominately Scots-Irish, with some German ancestry and many anecdotal tales of great great grandmothers who were part Native American, usually said to be Cherokee or Cree. We found no NA DNA, but read a few articles about how some Eastern Tennessee Cherokee populations tested as of Middle Eastern origin. I believed that to be the most likely explanation, and somewhat of a vindication of my parents stories. Now, with MyOrigins, that Middle Eastern 2.4% has disappeared for us both, and we are 100% European?!

                        The MO breakdown has us as:
                        51% European Coastal Islands
                        45% European Coastal Plains
                        4% North Circumpolar

                        The 4% North Circumpolar appears to be Finnish. I'm wondering if this lends any credence to the stories of some of our Irish ancestor being of Viking stock? Seems I traded my Indian ancestors for Norsemen.

                        My real concern is, if the ME DNA disappeared because its now considered too small of a percentage to register, is MyOrigins really a refinement of DNA analysis, or is it merely a different model with weighting that detects ancestry not readily picked up in the old Population Finder model, but at the cost of being less precise in other areas (seems most people who listed Middle Eastern DNA before have a reduced percentage with Origins)?



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                          Jeff, no Native American DNA will be misread as Middle Eastern. Northeast Asian perhaps due to Siberians crossing the Bering Strait and colonizing the new world, but not Middle Eastern.

                          A more likely cause for that ME is the Roman activity in the British Isles, the fact that it disappeared probably means that it was shone to be Euro-Mediterranean and not in fact Middle Eastern.


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                            Originally posted by Svein View Post
                            My old PF results:
                            Europe (Western European), population: Orcadian: 93,57% ±7,89%,
                            Europe, population: Orcadian, Russian, Finnish: 6,43% ±7,89%

                            myOrigin results:
                            European 100 %
                            - European Northlands 79 %
                            - European Coastal Islands 21 %

                            Where have my Finnish results gone? I do know that I descend from a few Finns. And what does European Coastal
                            I had the same question about my brother's previous PF and the My Origins. It seems that the Finnish is in with the European Northlands mix. That's my conclusion after reading the description of European Northlands.


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                              Originally posted by ahernandez View Post
                              Jeff, no Native American DNA will be misread as Middle Eastern. Northeast Asian perhaps due to Siberians crossing the Bering Strait and colonizing the new world, but not Middle Eastern.

                              A more likely cause for that ME is the Roman activity in the British Isles, the fact that it disappeared probably means that it was shone to be Euro-Mediterranean and not in fact Middle Eastern.
                              My comments are based on a couple of DNA articles I came across while trying to explain the possible admixture myself:

                              One of our blog followers, Ron, asked this question: “My late father and his brother were born and raised on Hatteras Island which was a very isolated community until relatively recent times.…

                     is the go-to source for millions of people who want to know what's happening in their city. And we're still growing!

                              As far fetched as it might sound, there are several possible explanations of how the Eastern Tennessee Cherokees may have had an admixture of Middle Eastern DNA. Portuguese Moors sold into indenture by British captors, Sephardic Jews brought to the New World by the Spanish in the 1600s, or the 300 or so Moors and Turkish slaves dumped on the Carolina coast by Francis Drake.

                              While your explanation of Roman activity in England could explain the presence of ME DNA in PF, I would think that events that distant would have produced results much smaller than the 2.4%.



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                                I'm from Brazil and these are my results. The bigger divisions - European vs Africa etc. - are for the most part typical of what I've gotten; the Middle Eastern component appears inflated in comparison with 23andMe's results, but in this case I think 23andMe is wrong - 23andMe appears to be passing a lot of Middle Eastern ancestry off as general Southern European. I don't know much of my ancestry but many of the do-it-yourself tools from Dodecad and Eurogene projects, which I find very reliable, also point to my having noticeable Middle Eastern ancestry compared to people of similar background as me. The one problem I have with my results in myOrigin is the smaller subdivisions, more precisely the European ones; they don't fit very much with the ones I have either from 23andMe or the aforementioned tools. In particular, the fact that the European Coastal Plain is my dominant component in this tool, being 5 times bigger than the Iberian component, seems wrong - on 23andMe, the percentages of Southern European and North European are the same as myOrigin's but are disposed in reverse order, that is, I'm 5 times more Southern European than North European, and this result is confirmed by the fact that, on both 23andMe and FTDNA, I have many more relatives from Latin America and the Iberian peninsula than in anywhere else in the Old World. The rest of the subdivisions - a strong western African subcomponent within the African component, for example - are fine. What I'd like to dig in more are my European and Middle Eastern results; if users from Latin America and Iberia could post their results, and comment if they've found them a bit off on some parts, I'd appreciate. Unfortunately myOrigins doesn't allow us to see our matches' results in great detail.
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