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Could Ancient Romans Account for "Mediterranean" Results?

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  • Could Ancient Romans Account for "Mediterranean" Results?

    The new version of population finder has a considerable amount of Mediterranean for my mother. Gedmatch is down right now, but some notes I jotted down when I tried various tools there some time ago show 20-25% Mediterranean for her. I am attaching a rather messy screenshot of Google earth where I have placed stickpins as I worked with genealogical records pertaining to her ancestors. The labels aren't important. Just notice the narrow band of Europe where 75% of her ancestors lived. Some of these lines I have traced back to 1600.

    The stickpins in the Netherlands belong to one of her grandparents who was Colonial American, mostly British with some New Netherland Dutch.

    All the rest belong to ancestors of her other 3 grandparents, some of whom I can trace back to 1600. The ones in Switzerland represent ancestors who moved into the Bas-Rhin area of France after the 30 Years War.

    My question is, did so many Roman soldiers, merchants, etc. settle in this area that Mediterranean could account for as much as 20% of my mother's ethnicity?

    Interestingly, Ancestry only gives her 4% Italy/Greece.
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    I often wonder about my father and his siblings and their Mediterranean amount. How much is possibly showing from their paternal side.

    Their mother was born in Romania near Ukraine border with German paternal side so it may be due to this

    but on their paternal side they are Scottish and Irish.

    My father has a 3rd Cousin 1x is of all male descent of my fathers 2x Great Grandfather who was born in Scotland in the late 1700's. His haplogroup is J2 which is rare in area and thought to be introduced by Roman Soldiers/Merchants.

    According to the new myOrigins page (presently only viewable by admins) they show the following amounts

    North Mediterranean Basin(Breakdown portion of 98% European, 2% Central/South Asian)
    Father - 15%
    His sister - 25%
    His brother - 23%
    paternal 1st cousin - 20% (he has Hungarian maternal side)
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