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    Has anyone tested at Prosapia Genetics or had their Family Finder results analyzed at Prosapia Genetics?
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    As a typical German with neurosis on data misuse, I do not trust their website Prosapiagenetics.

    There is no impressum, whre I can read who is the company behind the GPS testing, there are no "privacy policies/terms of use" written.

    Why should I upload my sensitive DNA-data even for the temporal "free for all" test to get "better results" for an population finder with "gps" technique? They might collect data to get a benchmark to FTDNA?

    Or do they need data to research medical purposes? ->

    Yes, I am very curious to see new population finder results. But I won´t upload my data to other companies without security.

    So I will wait what the release of FTDNA has to offer...


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      If you go to their academic website (see link at bottom of their webpage), you will find out about a few people behind this. It's the same ones who just got a letter about this product published in Nature Communications.

      Their letter has not convinced me it would be worth spending money on this. However, on the academic site they explain how you can do the analysis yourself.


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        Hmmm. That´s strange... Perhaps I have a browser issue? When I klick on "privacy policy" on their website my browser jumps just to the top of the page... Egal. I wait for the new PF on FTDNA. Thanks for your reply.


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          Ok, when I use their FAQ side and got to the buttom, the link to "privacy..." works.

          These things keep me away from using their services:

          "You agree that Prosapia Genetics may use your personal, genotype, phenotype, and medical information to:

          • Provide the Services and customer support you request;

          • Customize, measure, and improve our Services, Site content and layout;

          • Tell you about targeted marketing, service updates, and promotional offers based on your data;

          • Compare information for accuracy, and verify it with third parties;

          • Engage in Academic Research, as described above;

          Engage in other legitimate business purposes"

          I will not give them my DNA-data, to make money with it, even if now their service is temporally for free. That is just my personal sensitive data neurosis...
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            The methodology is a rip off from the technique used by Dienekes Pontikos for his DIYDodecad and Oracle tools, a service which he provides free of charge. See:



            Here’s the scientific paper:


            Here are the reviewers’ comments:



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              Originally posted by DevonHistorian View Post
              The methodology is a rip off from the technique used by Dienekes Pontikos for his DIYDodecad and Oracle tools, a service which he provides free of charge. See:



              Here’s the scientific paper:


              Here are the reviewers’ comments:

              Interestingly, Spencer Wells and Michael Hammer are among the authors of the scientific paper upon which the Prosapia tool seems to be based (geographic population structure analysis). I give them the benefit of the doubt.


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                It is not that I doubt the technique of the GPS tool promoted by Prosapia based on Dienekes earlier tools - it´s just the company behind that tool I do not trust for the reasons it stated further down... The tool and the use of DNA data by Prosapia are 2 different shoes.


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                  There is a relationship between FTDNA and Prosapia Genetics of some kind. In their FAQ section there is a section that discusses what their(Prosapia Genetics) test includes.

                  Why should I order your kit? What other tests would I get?
                  By ordering our DNA test kit you will receive your DNA data and a wide set of powerful tools to analyze them:
                  DNA test kit - a swabbing kit will be sent to your home with instructions on how to extract your DNA and send it back to us.

                  GPS Basic test - the test that will help you find your ancestral home!
                  Family Finder - this tool is offered by Family Tree DNA. With Family Finder you can connect with your close relatives from both sides of your family tree, and compare you and your matches' chromosomes directly!
                  myOrigins - this tool is offered by Family Tree DNA. With myOrigins you can discover your genetic makeup.
                  Your DNA file - your DNA data will be available to you from our website.

                  It appears that Prosapia Genetics will be sending their dna tests to FTDNA for testing.

                  It would be interesting to see the reports that you get when you have the test done.

                  I agree that the terms of service and privacy policies might be ambiguous but are FTDNA's any better?


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                    I agree that the terms of service and privacy policies might be ambiguous but are FTDNA's any better?[/QUOTE]

                    Hmmmm. Good question.

                    I wondered a lot of times, if FTDNA/Gene by Gene will use my data for medical research. I thought not and this was the reason, why I never tested with 23&me. It´s not the reason, that I fear those results; I checked them on my own with Mitomap and Promethease and it helped a lot to understand my physical attribute. I just thought, I could control, who uses my DNA data. But honestly, I never wrote to FTDNA, if they use the data for medical business, too. I thought with FTDNA/GenebyGene I should have a little control because the company states:

                    "Additionally, your consent will be sought for research purposes. Much of the genetic information resulting from DNA testing has not been clinically validated, and the technology we use, which is the same technology used by the research community, to date has not been widely used for clinical testing. For these reasons, our customers are encouraged to participate in Gene by Gene's research initiatives that may contribute to a better understanding of the results of genetic testing. Your participation in these initiatives is entirely voluntary and your DNA test results will not be used or disclosed without your consent. Once given, however, consent cannot be revoked."

                    Did I get something wrong, because of a translation problem?

                    Any info will be appreciated.
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                      Couriosity killed the cat... Not me ;-)

                      So, I just registered with a fake name to Prosapia without uploading data. As a former market researcher, I could not resist.. lol

                      It seems, that the system is not working, because I can read in the forums there, that the upload of Build 37 data does not work as a csv. file, as they demand on the side. You should change the format into a text file before uploading.

                      Besides I can read in the forums, that early adaptors who paid the high price for the SUPER GPS test are disapointed, because they just get a map with one point and no further information:

                      I quote some anonyme opinions made in the forums:

                      "I am very disappointed with this test. It told me nothing and was very misleading. I would not recommend it to anyone. My results say if I want more, then buy the advanced test. Well I bought that. Then it says sign up for GPS 2. First, there is no place to do that, second, is that going to cost money also? If so, you can count me out. This was a total waste of money. You have a facebook icon, and not page to go with it. I feel that I have been ripped off. :x"

                      "I totally agree. I paid $42.99 to see one point on a map? Serious? I hope I am misunderstanding and there is more to it than that. If that is all there is it is a complete scam and nothing more than farming for people's genetic information. It makes me very angry!!"

                      "yes, for $42 I was hoping for a bit more. At least a map like that shown in the Science Daily article (attacheded). A single map point is interesting, but obviously there should be SEVERAL map points, I would think. My family history says there should be points of some sort from Russia, Germany, UK, and France at the very least."

                      I just wish, that the new Pop finder on FTDNA will be more informative ;-)
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                        Here is the hidden link, where you can read the forums as guest, if it´s interesting for you.


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                          Wow.. thanks. That's just sad especially the crap about having an expert answer questions tomorrow and well see what is answer tomorrow. I bet they went to the bank laughing. Class action suit anyone?

                          BTW the generic averages have been free for years from the Eurogenes project. I don't think he's accepting new participants. See

                          Any official comments from FTDNA about this company considering they appear to resell Family Finder, specifically state FTDNA and knew about the myOrgigins name before the public?
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                            I've now done a blog post highlighting the problems with this test: