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DNA test to match via distant relatives - what match % to expect?

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  • DNA test to match via distant relatives - what match % to expect?

    I am trying to confirm a paternal line.
    I have a second cousin - our grandmothers were sisters.
    If we have autosomal DNA tests for the 2 second cousins, what match (shared DNA) results should we expect if its a true accurate match?

    If I understand correctly, The match with the grandmothers would lead me to a paternal match by default as 50% of DNA is passed down from each parent of course with reductions for the extra generations.

    Thank you for any guidance

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    You can find the answer to your question at


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      I keep just one chart next to my computer at all time: the well-known "DNA Detectives Autosomal Statistics Chart", easily found on Google. For most relationships, the particular figure you obtain from an autosomal match (the preferred metric is the "total shared autosomal DNA" expressed in centiMorgans or cM) will give you a range of possibilities: for second cousins, the shared cM might overlap with a group of possibilities including first cousin once or twice removed, half first cousin, etc. Each of those possible relationships needs to be considered, until you can rule out every possibility except one -- presumably, the correct one! -- and even then, it is important to search for additional confirmation.


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        Thank you very much for the info on the charts.
        I am following up with them and they will be very useful on all my partial matches.