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Doing a DNA test with your skin cells (from your hand?)

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  • Doing a DNA test with your skin cells (from your hand?)

    Could we be able to do a DNA test (from FTDNA) using cells from our hand (or skin) instead of cells from our mouth (or cheeks)? I mean, I've read that they're both epithelial cells after all! If not, why not then? What's the difference between these kinds of cells? Do they look the same under the microscope? Admittedly, I'm a little confused right now.

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    I'm guessing the cells inside your cheek are much softer than the cells on your hand, thus rubbing the swab inside your mouth would collect many more cells than the same rubbing on your hand. Also I would think the cells inside your mouth would be less likely to be contaminated. Washing your hands to remove contamination would also remove loose skin cells which would have been easier to collect.

    If you want an answer from the horses mouth you need to contact FTDNA and ask them.

    I'm sure the swab form the kit is much cleaner than most things you put into your mouth.