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  • No new matches?

    Is something going on with FTDNA's matching. I've had a kit for almost nine years and have new matches almost everyday, usually one or two new matches. I haven't had a new match in nine days. My husband also has a kit and he hasn't had a new match in five days. .

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    I have one new match with todays date and two from April 28.


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      Still no new matches in ten days. I must have run out of relatives


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        Got one new match today on one of the three kits under my management. Before that all three had April 28 as the last date.


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          I’ve had a couple of matches but I have not had any close or meaningful matches in at least a year if not more. However, I have had many 1st, 2nd & 3rd cousin matches (verified) on both Ancestry & 23 & me. Not sure what the deal is here. I hardly even check on my match here bc it doesn’t seem to make a difference. And they don’t even put any info down anyway or respond to emails


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            I have very few close matches at Ancestry. A second cousin of mine has way more.
            i have more close matches here, he has fewer.

            You do know FTDNA does not notify you of matches that are more distant than close or immediate?
            i am now rarely getting notified of new matches, but am frequently getting new not-close matches.