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  • New Family Finder minimum cM

    I know the White Paper (8-18-21) on page 5 states that the new minimum is 7 cM for a match (although 6 for additional segments).

    But I have very few matches that low. Out of 7000 matches, I have only 140 below 9.0 cM. And only 8 matches below 8 cM, with 7.41 being my lowest match.

    Starting at 9 cM, the matches start rolling in vigorously.

    Why are there so few matches from 7 to 9 cM?

    In the White Paper, endogamy affects the matching. But I dont consider myself particularly endogamic.

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    I have not had a meaningful match with any of my three FF kits in years. I have serious doubts about the matching methodology now used. Same goes for GEDmatch.


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      I heard above 10cM should be regarded as a match unless you know your relationship. That was years ago though