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  • Family Matches with no shared origin

    Hi, before I explain the question, I'll give some background information on my family and myself. I'm Turkish and my family (mum and dad's side) are from the same region and village, but not related to each other. My dad was born in Germany, but raised in the village till he turned 7, after he turned 7 my grandparents took him back to Germany. My mum was entirely raised in the village and later on moved to Germany with my dad. All of my family members either live in Turkey or in Germany, but each one of them is also married to a Turk or someone from the neighboring villages. My origins on FTDNA showed me the following:

    Anatolia, Armenia, & Mesopotamia: 59%
    Northern Levant: 11%
    Southern Caucasus: 6%
    Greece & Balkans: 20%
    Southern Siberia: 4%
    Mongolia: 2%

    When I uploaded my raw data on MyHeritage I received 52% West Asian, 42% Southern Greek-Southern Italian and 6% Central Asian

    I also tested my brother (on MyHeritage) and he received almost the same results, but he additionally had 1% Inuit and 1,5% oriental (I suppose that means near eastern)

    Now to my questions:

    1. Why are almost all my closest matches Americans or Western/Northern Europeans?
    2. How can they share DNA with me, when they're 100% ashkenazi jewish? No matter where I upload my data, it never shows jewish, neither to my brother or my 3-4th degree cousin
    3. Turkish people who should be genetically closer to me and have almost the same results on FTDNA are shown way more on the back than those above mentioned people, how come? My 3-4th degree cousin is shown on first place, but after her it's only the Western/Northern Europeans matches. I have more than 300 matches, but 99% of them seem wrong and make no sense..
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    "but 99% of them seem wrong and make no sense."

    You are probably right. You are receiving primarily Western and Northern European matches primarily because that is the biggest set of testers. I doubt that FTDNA has sold many kits inside Turkey and not too many to the Turkish community elsewhere.

    You didnt mention how many cM are in your matches. If you are matching in the 7 to 10 range, many of these are likely some form of Identical by State, which are considered either false matches or very distant. Matches with segments above 15 cM seem to be of much higher Confidence Levels.

    If you were to test your mother AND your father, you would likely find that many of your 300 matches dont match either parent. Definitely IBS.

    Presuming your 3rd-4th degree match seems Turkish, then you might want to work off her 'In Common With' list.

    If you can recruit a known 2nd cousin, that would make an excellent filter. Your brother acts somewhat in that manner at MH, although he may be too close to get effective filtering.