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    Can someone confirm a query I have regarding autosomal dna please?

    Dano did a Y111 test and his closest match is Y67 gd 2. Given this test is on the male chromosome only, if this same match did an Ancestry test would a family relationship show?

    We have been in contact with the match on a number of occasions who has been very helpful, and we are now considering asking him to do an Ancestry test. However,before we ask him to do the test, we want to be sure that, if there is a family relationship it will show up as a match, given that it is an autosomal test and not a specific chromosome.

    As always, any input would be welcome.

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    Y DNA matches can go back many generations. A strong Y-67 match could certainly go back a couple centuries, so it is entirely possible that there will be no autosomal match. Remember that about 10 percent of actual third cousins do not turn up as autosomal matches (using the normal, default criteria for segment matching). About 50 percent of actual fourth cousins won't match. However, it is possible to get lucky (autosomal matches, or sometimes groups of matches, have confirmed some 5th and 6th cousins for me), and it is certainly possible that the other guy will have some significant autosomal matches of his own that will allow him (or you) to extend his pedigree in a way that will be useful for your research. It's even possible there will be some shared matches.


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      I wasn't sure that it would be worthwhile to be honest.

      Dano's match has family history going back hundreds of years, well documented and proven, I'm sure any matches would be a total surprise to him - Dano certainly was. I think we just have to play the waiting game for a close match to show up.

      Thank you for the info though, it will help us decide our next step.


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        John McCoy has given the information you need. But, if Dano has Family Finder results here at FTDNA (sorry but I have forgotten if he has or hasn't), then since this Y-67 match already has his DNA sample at FTDNA, maybe he will order a Family Finder test. and then you can see if he shows up on Dano's list. Otherwise, do as you already posted, see if he will test at Ancestry (I assume Dano has tested there).

        As John McCoy pointed out, even if this Y-67 match might be as close as a third cousin, there's a decent chance that he might not show up as an autosomal match (although most third cousins will), plus it's quite possible that he is related much more distantly, and have even more of a probability of not matching with autosomal DNA.

        The first chart below (blue) shows more distant relationships than the green one below it, but it might be confusing since it is depicting the percentage of NO detectable DNA, NOT the percentage shared shown in the DNA Detectives Autosomal Statistics Chart shown under the first chart (link is to a larger version):


        While sorting through my files to find the above charts, I came across two others which might be of interest (first is a .pdf about autosomal matches, second is for Y-DNA, just for the heck of it):
        Reasons for fewer DNA matches on certain lines.pdf
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          Has Dano's Y67 match only tested to Y67?


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            KATM - Thanks for the charts, I haven't seen the blue before, but I have the green one and the DNA Detectives chart. Dano's match did the YDNA test in 2016 apparently and didn't have matches until Dano did his test. To be honest I'm not sure he will be keen to do any further testing, his family is a well established family. He is helpful in that he is obtaining military records to try to place members of his family in 1942/43, it is a long procedure as there is a 12 month backlog of requests. I was hoping his position might expedite the records a little, but he may not have used his connections in this case.

            Dano has done an Ancestry test which I have uploaded to FTDNA, MyHeritage and to Gedmatch, and his matches are pretty similar on all of them as everyone else he matches seems to have done the same uploads, all seem to be to his maternal side, with a few queries which I have been researching who also seem to be from the maternal side's Irish roots. I have used the dots on Ancestry to group any matches to known maternal family members, however most matches come under this dot. The remainder are queries as I think they are maternal, with only a few that have no dot at all.

            GEORGIAN1950 - Dano's match has only tested to Y67, he actually sent us a copy of his STR results so that we could see where the differences were, they were on DYS570 and DYS576, one moved up one number, and the other moved down one number. As I mentioned in my response to KATM, I don't really think he would be up for more testing. That's why I asked this question really, to see whether it was worth suggesting.