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I don't see any Paternal matches in my Autosomal

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  • I don't see any Paternal matches in my Autosomal

    When I look at my Autosomal results, there are Maternal matches, but no Paternal matches. Should there be both?

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    If you are seeing maternal matches in your match list, do you mean that you recognize the matches as known maternal relatives, but you do not see any known paternal relatives? If you aren't seeing any known paternal relatives, then it's because none who are related on your paternal side have done the Family Finder test yet. But, there probably are some matches who are related to your paternal ancestors, which you just can't identify so far. You would need to check the surnames and locations of their ancestors, and check their family tree (if they have posted one), and see if you can figure out a connection for how you are related. Start by checking the matches with the closer predicted relationship ranges, up to 2nd to 4th cousins.

    Or, do you mean that these maternal matches are showing in a separate "Maternal" tab in your match list, and also show a red "female" icon? This is part of the Family Matching Feature at FTDNA. In order for that to work, you would need to have:
    1. known maternal relatives who have tested at FTDNA
    2. uploaded a GEDCOM, or created a family tree at FTDNA ("myFamilyTree"), which includes as much as you know of all your ancestors (maternal and paternal)
    3. linked the maternal relatives in your match list to their names/positions in that family tree
    If you have done those steps in order to use that Family Matching Feature, and are now seeing your maternal matches in a separate "Maternal" tab and marked as such, then in order to see your paternal matches in the same manner, you would need to link any known paternal relatives who are in your match list to their names in your tree.

    Once you do the latter, the system should sort some of your Family Finder matches into a paternal tab, and add a blue icon by their names in your match list. If you haven't used Family Matching yet, give it a try (if you have known relatives in your matches, who you could link to your tree).

    If there are no known paternal matches in your match list, you may need to ask some of your known paternal relatives to do a Family Finder test so you can use the Family Matching Feature for paternal matching. Roberta Estes wrote about the range of eligible relatives who can be used for Family Matching in her blog post "Additional Relatives Added to Phased Family Matches at Family Tree DNA." It is a range, from close relatives such as parents, grandparents, and aunts/uncles, to cousins of varying distances, and includes half-relatives (such as half-siblings, etc.).