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Ordering FamilyFinder and Y-DNA at the same time

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  • Ordering FamilyFinder and Y-DNA at the same time

    Is it possible to order both FamilyFinder and a Y-DNA test at the same time, or is ordering a Y-DNA then later adding on FamilyFinder the only option?

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    Multiple tests can be ordered at the same time, including both Family Finder and a Y-DNA test. FTDNA even offers bundles of tests.


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      Yes, assuming ALL of the test are for the same person.


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        Correct, and thanks for the clarification, Jim.


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          Thanks. I guess my question is whether the test taker needs to swab twice - once for each kit, or will the one swab be processed for both?


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            No, usually one sample is enough for two tests, such as Family Finder and a Y-DNA test, and often for several more tests (if the sample is of high quality). But there are two vials and two swabs in each kit; you need to make sure the test taker uses both of them well enough to get a good sample. The FTDNA Learning Center has a page with DNA Test Kit Instructions, with videos and step-by-step instructions. One vial will be used for whichever test(s) ordered, and the other will be put into freezer storage in case it is needed later (such as if the first vial does not have a good sample).

            Pay attention to the section at the top of the page above, including the part marked "Important" if the test taker smokes, or wears dentures, etc.

            Swab very well for at least 30 seconds to a minute per side, to be sure to collect enough. The linked page will go over that and the rest. It's not one or two "swishes," as shown on TV shows. The sample may be insufficient to pass quality control if the swabbing wasn't done well.