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    My father got a YDNA12 test, and later a YDNA test in 2006. In all that time, he has had 3 matches. I got my Family Finder results recently and I was very surprised that my father was not among the many matches I received. I do show some matches with people in his lineage. Is there something simple that I’m not understanding? Why hasn’t he gotten matches? Why doesn’t he show up in my matches?

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    When did your father get a Family Finder test? Y-DNA is not used for Family Finder test comparisons since FF is an autosomal DNA test.


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      If your father has not had a Family Finder test done yet, there may be enough of his sample that you could order one for him. Be sure to log in to his account if you order any test for him, so it will be done on his sample. If he is still living, you could ask if he'd be willing to provide an additional sample, then contact FTDNA to have them send extra vials (usually two). Have your father's kit number ready if you do this, and make sure the address information is current in his account.