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    This may be a stupid question, but does my dad (who I bought a Y-DNA37 kit) have to also have done a Family Finder test for him to show up in my matches? I don't have a Y chromosome of course so we wouldn't be matching that way, but I've done Family Finder myself. Maybe I just need to relearn high school biology stuff about genetics?

    If the answer is "you two should be matching" it's not gonna be a life-altering thing (*insert long overshare about our distant relationship*), I just want to know if I have to pay for another test for him. My primary motivation in ordering tests for him is due to some family secrets about who his father was, so I need to make sure I've gotten the right kind of tests to be able to track down some of his paternal relatives.
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    Yes, he would need to do a Family Finder test to show in your FF match list. Wait for a sale and save some of the cost. Maybe they'll have a sale for St. Patrick's day, you never know.


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      It is a good idea for your father to do the FamilyFinder, too.
      1. What if he has a half-sister?
      She does not have a Y-chromosome to test, but she would show as a close match on FamilyFinder.
      2. What if there is a Y-match?
      FamilyFinder would help to find out if that person is a close relative, or a very distant cousin.

      Ftdna has a learning center::


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        fannyekdahl, you may also want to join the Facebook group : "DNA Detectives"


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          On your father's Y37 matches it will show if they have done a Family Finder test. Some will even show if they have a family tree which you can click on. Even if they have done the FF test it doesn't necessarily mean that they will match your father on that test once he takes it. The FF test will generally show matches from the last six generations. The Y test can go back hundreds of years on the direct paternal line. (You have to have access to your father's kit to see his Y37 matches).


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            Announced today, St. Patrick's day sale through March 17, 2020: Family Finder $20 off, selling for $59 + shipping.


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              wow, thank you for the information, that would be interesting!