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Found a branch from an NPE. Do I contact the descendants and let them know?

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  • Found a branch from an NPE. Do I contact the descendants and let them know?

    So, in researching my own family tree with DNA, I found some relatively close matches that nobody in our family had heard of. Looking through these matches trees (which doesn't overlap with my own) and also DNA shared in common, it is obvious that there was an "NPE" 2 generations back (~100 years ago at this point) leading to a branch of several generations of DNA matches. Due to the remote geographical location (compared to the rest of my family) and shared DNA relationships it is obvious to me where this NPE branching occurred, but it may not be so obvious from the other family's view of the data. Due to the amount of time passed, all of the persons directly involved in the NPE are deceased.

    Do I contact the matches that are descendants and suggest they consider there may be an NPE? Do I suggest the possible name of the father (or even a family name)?

    I have the dilemma that this branch of DNA descendants appearing in my matches from this NPE took quite a bit of research to uncover (and may be extremely difficult or nearly impossible to uncover for the other family), but at the same time I am not sure that I should be the bearer of the news.

    Suggestions on how to handle this?
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    Don't mention the NPE at the start. Just say that you have a close match and ask them if they are interested in exploring it.