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family finder and further upgrade to ydna mtdna

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  • family finder and further upgrade to ydna mtdna

    Hello, I am not sure if I am posting my question in the right section: when you take an autosomal test Family Finder, can you later upgrade it to Ydna or mtDna without buying another saliva sample, but just the paying the upgrade? thank you.

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    Yes, if the person who tested followed the correct procedure to get the initial DNA sample, there is usually enough usable sample left to go on to do several more tests. If the person is elderly, it is always a good idea to ask FTDNA for extra vials, so the chances of having a good sample available for further testing are increased.

    Having extra vials is usually helpful if you have an elderly male and plan on doing a lot of Y-DNA testing (such as STR and SNP tests; and I've read that the Big Y-700 requires a fresh sample), in addition to Family Finder and perhaps mtDNA full sequence. For a woman, a good initial sample should have plenty of DNA sample to do the Family Finder and mtDNA full sequence tests.


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      If your family finder is a result of a transfer, new sample will be needed as ftdna does not have a DNA sample to test.
      If you did submit a cheek swab sample directly to ftdna, all testing and upgrades will use that sample until it is exhausted.
      Ftdna stores sample up to 25 years.
      If they run out of sample new collection kit is automatically sent to shipping address listed on account before test is run.


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        I ordered Y-DNA12 for my cousin 11/20/2002. After he died 11/06/15 I added Family Finder to his kit 11/23/15. They got marginal results so they sent me a new kit.

        Things don't always work out the way we think they should.


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          I got eleven tests out of one saliva sample from 2003. Including BigY500 and then the 700 upgrade. That vial is probably exhausted as FTDNA sent me a new vial, but I am pretty sure the BigY700 came out of the original.

          So you should be able to get several tests from one kit.