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Lower Autosomal minimums to 5.5 cM for advanced haplotype matches

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  • Lower Autosomal minimums to 5.5 cM for advanced haplotype matches

    Lower the Standards.......oh....I am biting my tongue when I say that...

    When I look for Full mtDNA + autosomal matches, I only get one. Although 90% of my Full mtDNA matches have done Family Finder.. I am wondering how many of those Full mtDNA matches might also be a distant Family Finder match but cant break the 7.69 cM. Maybe they are 6.5 cM matches and that might be worth pursuing if they are mtDNA matches as well. How many of my Full mtDNA matches would show up if we used the minimums 6cM from Ancestry or MH or the 7 cM from 23andMe?

    Same thing for YDNA. How many of my Y-STR or BigY matches would be autosomal matches if we lowered the cM from 7.69 to 5.5 cM?

    I dont normally look at matches on the very low side of cM. But since most Y and mtDNA matches fall outside of the typical autosomal timeframe, looking at small matches might be legitimate.

    I am suggesting 5.5 cM because FTDNA already has that in place for some people. From ISOGG comparison page "Option 3: 5.5 cMs and at least 500 SNPs for the first half-identical region for about 1% of customers who come from specific non-European populations"

    And I am also suggesting for Advanced levels only . I dont want more matches based upon an HVR1 or Y12 match. I think the lower (5.5?) cM should be for Full mtDNA matches and BigY or SNP Pack matches. Not sure if I want to include Y37 or Y67 matches too.

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    Would they still not show on Family Finder Matches -- just on Advanced Matching -- or what are you proposing?

    I have seventeen who match me on both FMS and FF. One of the other Kits I manage has 13 PAGES of folks who match on both FMS and FF. Do not see the advantage of increasing that.


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      Thanks loobster for your reply.

      We have very different experiences. I belong to T1a1 mtDNA haplogroup. Its about 2% of Western Europe, I think. So not common but not scarce either. You must belong to a very common haplogroup??

      If I set the Adv Matches to HVR1 and FF, I only get 6 mutual matches. 4 total cross matches at HVR2 and just one at FMS. But you have 13 pages? So we are polar opposites.

      I thought my lack of FMS-autosomal matches was normal. Now I am not so sure.

      I do have 11 FMS matches. I would like to know if they are very low level autosomal matches that FF is excluding because the FTDNA autosomal bar is a little higher here than onther sites. I think that's a reasonable suggestion.

      But I can also see your side of not wanting to be flooded with excessive amounts of additional low level FMS-FF matches.

      I guess we are on different mtDNA planets, if I have 11 FMS matches total, and you have a kit that has 130 FMS that cross with FF. And presumably a lot (hundreds??) more FMS matches that do not have FF links.

      "Would they still not show on Family Finder Matches -- just on Advanced Matching -- or what are you proposing?"

      I was thinking that I would want to see the additional matches on Family Finder Matches and Adv Matches, since the Adv Matches does not give any cM data or chromosome numbers.