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Advice needed on how to upload my surname list (a CSV file)

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  • Advice needed on how to upload my surname list (a CSV file)

    My aim is get my ancestral surname list onto my profile using the Account Settings / Genealogy/ Surnames / Upload CSV facility – but every attempt to use this is met with a tiny error message at the bottom of the page – “Something went wrong” – and zero advice on how to ensure that “Something doesn’t go wrong”. Despite 3-4 attempts, FT-DNA help has been no help at all on this question.
    I have just today uploaded my tree of 3500 people and linked it to three family DNA results (assisted by advice from another thread). I notice that this has generated an Ancestral surname list that excludes any location information, and includes ancestors whose surname is unknown. I want to replace this with my proper list, currently in Microsoft Excel stored as a single worksheet CSV file in the following format: in row 1 cells A and B the headings SURNAME and LOCATION, and in the subsequent rows, columns A and B, the Surname and Location pairs. I will attach the CSV file if I can - no it won't let me - image inserted instead Surname list.jpg .
    As it happens I have 80 of these surname to enter selectively into three different profiles, so I do NOT want to have to enter them laboriously one by one.
    First question – on that Surnames / Upload CSV page, am I correct in interpreting that as the user sending a list to their profile on FT-DNA [and not the other way round, which I would call “Download”]?
    Second question: how can I get this working?

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    David, I replied to your other question in another thread. All I will add here is that FTDNA seems to have changed the Account Settings, including at least the Profile and Genealogy sections, in appearance and functionality, but has not finished the job. Who knows how long it's been this way? I, for one, have not added surnames in a while, and when I did there was no option to upload a .cvs file to do so. It certainly would be nice! It is tedious to add names/locations one at a time. The FTDNA Learning Center page for the Genealogy section of Account Settings (which covers adding ancestral surnames) does not mention uploading a .cvs file, much less give instructions for how to do so.

    Time to submit a Customer Service request (link at top right) to pester them about these things, it would seem! I will, and invite anyone else who finds these things annoying to join me.


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      Thanks KATM
      I have raised it by both email and chat, and made no progress. They seem to be taking much longer to answer such queries than the promised 72 hours plus a business day. Perhaps the Valentines (etc) marketing has boosted both sales and new questions and they are swamped ... and the chat room does not seem to open until at least 9:30am which is the middle of our night here in Australia.


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        Now 16 May and and the FT-DNA help has still not replied ....


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          I now have the email address -


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            You could try contacting them by that email address, but as I recall, they discontinued using email for customer service purposes a couple of years ago, and now only use the form found at the "Customer Support" link at the top right of these pages (or you can phone them during the hours shown on that page). Let us know if you get a reply if you do email them.