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Can you link your DNA result to more than one person's tree?

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  • Can you link your DNA result to more than one person's tree?

    I look after the profiles of my father and aunt. I presume that when I upload a GEDCOM tree (that has around 3500 people in it) I will be able to link all three of us to this tree within my profile. (If that's not correct, please let me know). In a few months, though, my aunt's family may wish to create a tree as well, on her profile. My question is, can we then link her DNA to their tree while it remains linked to my tree, or can it only be linked to one tree (as in If only one tree, can the result be UNlinked from my tree and linked to her new tree?

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    Have you tried uploading the same GEDCOM to each of the kits?


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      Thanks for your response Jim
      Not yet - do I need to? It's bad enough having one copy of my working tree - out of date more or less as soon as loaded, but three copies? If I can link the three DNA results to my copy, that would be better.


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        (I have to go now for about 4 hours ...)


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          I was looking for this New Post in the list of New Posts, but did not find it there, and it would not appear when searching for "Surname". That makes the post difficult if not impossible to find except by a fluke. Being new to this forum, can someone enlighten me as to how you get exposure of your post so that answers are forthcoming?


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            To clarify: My main question is, can we link my aunt's DNA to two trees, or can it only be linked to one tree (as in If only one tree, can the result be UNlinked from my tree and linked to her new tree, if and when it is constructed by my cousin?

            The other question was: will I be able to link all three of our DNA results to my tree within my profile? [I guess the alternative is to put a copy of the tree on each of their profiles and link their result to their copy, which has several downsides.]


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              I've linked multiple people whose kits I manage to several trees, so the answer is yes, you can link your aunt's DNA (and other relatives) to two or more trees. Each account has only one tree here, unlike

              The Learning Center has information for the various features in your account. On the page for MyFamilyTree, there are commonly asked questions. Here is what it says regarding your question about unlinking someone from a tree:
              How do I unlink a match on my tree?

              To unlink a match, click on view profile and click Unlink. Your matches profile will be unlinked but their name and information will remain. You will have to edit the profile to change it back to the information you had for the entry before linking them.
              You may also want to read about the FTDNA Family Matching System and Family Matching Tool. Linking relatives to a tree has the advantage of "phasing" your match list, showing maternal and/or paternal icons for matches, based on matching the pertinent relatives that have been linked to the tree for that account.

              Your search for this thread using the search term "Surname" probably didn't work because the both the title of the thread and your original post (plus others) do not contain any mention of "surname." Perhaps searching by "tree" or "link" might work.

              This forum does not have a way to increase exposure to any given post. If you are logged in to the forum, you can click on the "New Topics" link at the top left, and see which threads have new posts. The times for responses (if any) will vary, depending upon if any members are interested, have knowledge and are available during any given time period. Members are worldwide for this forum (as is the case for many others).
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                If you want to locate a post by user name, click on advanced search (click on dropdown arrow beside Search) and enter member name in appropriate field, it will find all posts for that member.

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                  Thank you KATM and Prairielad - much appreciated


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                    OK - comfortable with the advice provided here, I have successfully uploaded my GEDCOM [a snapshot of working tree on] to my profile only, and linked my aunt's and father's DNA result to them in the tree. That will work for a while anyway, until my working tree is very significantly updated. When we go into my father's login, though it does not give any obvious indication that he is linked to a tree of 3500 people. Is there some way we can flag that in his profile - or better still, have a hyperlink to the tree on my profile? Not really important - just a bit of finessing ...


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                      The way the profiles seem to work nowadays, I don't see a working way to add information to a profile (in Account Settings, go to Privacy & Sharing in the menu, then click on "View an example of your profile." A pop-up window will appear, which (it would seem) shows how your profile will appear: email address, earliest known ancestors (if you have entered them under "Genealogy"), haplogroup(s), and Ancestral Surnames (if you have entered any under "Genealogy"). There is a separate tab for "Notes" in this pop-up window, with an "edit" button that looks like it should allow you to add information; it does have a "Save" button.

                      I tried a test by adding some text into the Notes field for my profile. I then logged into another account I manage, found my name in the match list, and viewed my profile. It did not show the text I'd entered, but instead showed my profile as I last had it - showing additional information in an "About Me" section which does not appear in the current "example" of my profile. I don't know when this changed, although I recall hearing something about it at one forum or another. Right now, I haven't found another way to add information (such as a hyperlink) to a profile. I repeated my test with another account, with the same non-results.

                      When you hover over the small "i" in a black circle, just after the words "Your Profile," there is a pop-up message that says
                      Profile information includes your name, picture, email address, haplogroups, earliest known ancestors, ancestral surnames, your personal story, and your country of residence.
                      Except that it doesn't include all that right now; there is no way to add "your personal story," and right now I'm not seeing country of residence, either. I don't know if these are things that were supposed to be enabled at some point, and instead have been overlooked, but certainly the "Your Profile" area needs improvement.