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How to Create an Account After the Fact

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  • How to Create an Account After the Fact

    I submitted a test for another person in May of 2018 to see how/if she was related to my granddaughter on her paternal side. Results confirmed my suspicions but I was not interested in creating an account for the person at the time since I knew the connection. Now - I find that she is a match to me as well on my maternal side and I want to set up an account. I have the kit number issued with her results but can find nothing in the "help" pages as to how to go about creating an account after the fact. Can some kind soul point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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    I'm not sure what you mean when you say you want to create, or set up, an account. Both you and this person already have tested and have accounts.

    When you order a test at FTDNA, they send an email with a kit number and password. The account is created at that time; there is no way to create one "after the fact." Use that information to log into the account, if you are managing her account. If you did not receive the email (for example, if you ordered the kit and put the email address of the person who took the test, so she received the kit number and password), then you need to contact the person and see if they will let you access the account. You said that you already have the kit number, so she would need to give you the password in order to log in.

    Since the person had received results (which is apparent since you were able to see her as a match to your granddaughter, or someone on your granddaughter's maternal side), and now you find she's a match to you, she already has an account.

    If I'm misunderstanding what you are trying to find out, please post again.


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      To add to the previous posters comment: The account identifier is the same as the kit number she was tested under. FTDNA defaults control to the Email address from which it was ordered from, so you should be able to do a password recovery if you no longer have the email with the login information.