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    A couple of years ago I tested on Family Finder and added a short Gedcom. I got several matches but not as interesting as I'd hoped, so now I've added another Gedcom (overwriting the previous one). This is much bigger, containing all my family lines (over 7,000 names). But, to my disappointment, I'm told I have no matches. None at all. So, please, can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong. Could the Gedcom be too big? It simply isn't possible that I have no matches if I already had quite a lot with a much shorter Gedcom.

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    Are you saying that while viewing your "myFamilyTree" there are no matches shown when you click on the "DNA Matches" button at the top left? Have you tried selecting the "Family Finder" tab under "DNA Matches," and then using the "Relationship" drop menu to choose all, or one of the four other choices? Do you get any more matches that way? You may want to read "myFamilyTree | GEDCOM" in the FTDNA Learning Center.

    Your "myFamilyTree" can be used with the Family Matching System, via the Family Matching Tool, to phase your Family Finder Matches list into maternal and paternal tabs. That is really the main purpose to link relatives to the tree. To quote from the Family Matching System page:
    The Family Matching feature assigns maternal or paternal icons to a customer’s match list based on phased matching to close relatives in conjunction with a special Family Matching threshold. In order to take advantage of this feature, a user must have a tree uploaded or created in their Family Tree DNA account, and the DNA kits of relatives must be linked to the appropriate individual in the user’s tree.
    I don't think you are not seeing matches because the GEDCOM is too big, but it is possible that no one has been added to your Family Finder match list yet who matches the additional people in your larger GEDCOM. Remember that for your matches in your Family Finder Match list, only living people can take the test (even if they die afterward, they will still appear as a match). For the additional relatives in your new larger GEDCOM, who lived and died before DNA testing was available, those relatives will not have a match in your Family Finder match list. Only the more recent relatives in your tree will have been able to take a commercial genetic genealogy DNA test, which have only been available since the late 2000s.


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      The Gedcom won't effect the number of matches you get since you don't need to have a Gedcom to get matches at all. I have a Gedcom attached to my test, but my brother who doesn't have a tree showing has more matches than I do. That would be because he is showing more DNA in certain lines down the tree that have more people with that DNA testing. I'd check with FTDNA directly to see if there is a glitch that has eliminated your original matches.

      When you get matches, you'll find that many of them have no tree attached to their DNA tests at all. Not even surnames.


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        keigh, I wasn't sure if Gillian H was referring to his list of Family Finder matches, or his "DNA Matches" list in the myFamilyTree. I decided to take a chance and go with an answer based on the latter choice, since that relates to the GEDCOM.

        I hope he will respond in this thread soon, and let us know more clearly which "matches" he meant. I'm glad you covered the former possibility. I agree that his GEDCOM would not affect his Family Finder match list, and if that is the problem he should contact FTDNA directly.