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MyHeritage (New) vs FF (old) which is better?

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  • MyHeritage (New) vs FF (old) which is better?

    My true third cousin just tested on MH (lab work by FTDNA) with a swab kit. Results back this week. She also tested many years ago (2011??) with FF.

    The results are similar but not the same.

    Chr 5 nearly identical
    Chr 10 very similar although Start/Stops are a bit odd. MH slightly bigger on both ends.
    Chr 2 missing on FF

    Chr 2 is not that big. 6.5 cM. But a little too big to be completely missing.

    Chromosome,Start...,End , .....Centimorgans
    2,................9882343,12009981, 6.5
    5,..............158488198,172686285, 22.6
    10,.............59808144,81059335, 23.2

    2........ nothing
    5 158,392,299 172,345,159 22.02
    10 60,402,759 80,757,505 23.40
    Any Idea which is 'better'? My main concern is the missing segment on Chr 2.

    Has FTDNA's lab testing improved since 2012 or has MH imputed a segment that FTDNA refuses to accept? I thought there might a 2 or 3 cM minisegment but there is nothing at all.
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    As I understand it, MH uses imputation.


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      Whether to count a small segment (6.5 cM) is not a clear-cut question. I would give the "difference" no weight whatever. Likewise for the choice of endpoints. The genealogical conclusion, that the results are indeed consistent with a relationship of 3rd cousins, is unchanged. If you are looking for matches who triangulate with the 6.5 cM segment, the best bet is to upload the relevant kits to GEDmatch and use the tools there to compare and contrast the two kits, and to establish the SNP count for this segment.