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How long does it take for phasing to work with new Family Finder results?

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  • How long does it take for phasing to work with new Family Finder results?

    I manage kits for a father and son pair. Father's Family Finder test result came in 2 days ago, a few weeks earlier than predicted, which was nice! I linked father and son together in both of their accounts. Son's Family Finder result came in several months ago. So far, 48 hours after linking, the only blue "paternal" icon on son's account is his own father. I have my own kit phased with 2 maternal and 3 paternal relatives and I recall the results of phasing showed up much more quickly. My kit had been on FTDNA much longer before I attempted any phasing though. Does anyone have experience to share?

    Interestingly, father-in-law and I have a few distant matches in common! Same for me and husband. I do not match husband or father-in-law at any of the major DNA test companies however. Is this a common experience for the rest of you? We are Americans without ties to ethnic groups known for endogamy. We all have 50%+ Scandinavian heritage though. None of our ancestors have been in USA for more than a few generations, so I don't believe it is possible for mixing to have occurred domestically. I'm on GEDmatch but the rest of the family isn't interested in that type of sharing given recent media attention and their lack of interest in genetic genealogy.