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Possible incomplet on paternal matches

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  • Possible incomplet on paternal matches

    Hello All: I have a known paternal first cousin in my Family Finder matches. I have him linked in my family tree so that I obtain 'paternal' matches. My question is thus: I have about 2,000 matches in Family Finder, 117 are listed as 'paternal.' Is it possible that this group of 117 may be incomplete? Could there possibly be other paternal matches in my total group of 2,000 that I match on my father's side but aren't showing up? Thank you.

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    Yes, because your first cousin only inherited 50% of his DNA from his parent that's related on your paternal side. If he had or has any siblings, they would inherit 50% from the same parent, but a different mix than he did.

    And this applies to other paternal relatives, such as aunts, uncles, 2nd cousins, etc. Each one will have segments in common with you that are different than the other paternal relatives (some segments may overlap).

    If you had more of these paternal relatives do the Family Finder test and link them to your tree, you would get more paternal matches in your match list, who match those additional paternal segments.