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  • Uploading from 23andMe

    I have tried loads of times to upload a test done on 23andMe. I keep getting an error saying it is in the wrong format. Is there a problem with 23andMe files? Is there a way round it?

    Thanks Bob

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    Depends which Version of 23& Me you have

    Only V3 and V4 and compatable for FTDNA download

    (not V1 orV2)


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      FTDNA doesn't accept V5 from 23andMe either. You can determine the version of your test by looking at the number following the V in the file name.

      Also, you must upload the compressed format of the file.


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        If your file is v5 (tested after July 2017), then as mentioned, you can not transfer to FTDNA due to incompatibility.

        There is not enough overlap between the tested SNPs in V5 file to compare to the ones FTDNA tests.

        Of the SNPs tested by the V5 chip, only around 160,000 SNPs are compatible to the approximately 700,000 tested by FTDNA.

        Gedmatch Genesis will allow comparisons between companies with low overlap.

        Companies that do imputation will accept V5 files (myHeritage is saying they will accept in near future).
        FTDNA has stated that they will not use imputation. This may change in the future.

        If your file is v5, then the only way to be in FTDNA database is to test with Ancestry (partial matchlists on transfer due to only approx 430,000 overlap), or test directly with FTDNA (or myHeritage transfer, they uses same chip as FTDNA)


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          Thanks for the updates. Mine is v5 so forget FTDNA for my test. Wife did My Heritage so no issues with hers.


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            You can buy a test from FTDNA.