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    Originally posted by travers View Post
    You can only have one autosomal test per person per account here at FTDNA. So you have to chose, so if you uploaded Ancestry it will not allow you to upload 23andme and there is no reason to do so because those two tests are both testing the same thing (Chromosomes 1-22 and X). If you uploaded Ancestry OR 23andme data the result would be the same in that it will be entered into FTDNA's Family Finder matching database. The Family Finder database doesn't use Y-test data that is a completely different matching database so there is no way to "merge" the two. You should only have one account though, so you should have uploaded the Ancestry data in the same account that you ordered the Y-DNA test to. If you didn't not a huge deal as they are separate tests and one test has no bearing on the results of the other but it is much easier if they are one account as you can have access to both tests from the same login as opposed to having to log into two different accounts to access results.
    I agree with what travers wrote.


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      Originally posted by KATM View Post
      You can, as I alluded to in my earlier posts, upload your Ancestry file to FTDNA, but NOT while logged into your current FTDNA account. Go to, and in the top left menu, hover on "DNA Tests" and select "Autosomal Transfer." You would then get a new account # and password. BUT - as I said above, it won't really give you any more information, and you'll actually get fewer matches than with your Family Finder match list.

      Fantastic. I joined the forums to find out how to upload my sister's Ancestry DNA (I did FTDNA tests and mine is already there) and this answered my question. Thank you!