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  • siblings, matches in common

    How many in-common matches do you have with a tested sibling?

    I have 1516 matches, my brother has 1620 matches.

    We share 846 matches which is about half. Isn't that a bit low?

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    I do not know whether it is low, but it is noticeably higher than my family average.

    In your case, if we convert to percentages, it is 52.2% / 55.8%.

    Here are four pairs of siblings from my extended family listed from the lowest to the highest:
    • 17.9% / 20.4%
    • 26.3% / 32.9%
    • 29.7% / 41.2%
    • 45.1% / 48.6%

    All are Family Finder tests and not transfers.

    Mr. W.


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      I manage my account and those of my four full siblings.

      We individually have 2921 to 3403 matches. The sibling-to-sibling match rates using In Common With range from 32.0% to 58.5%

      A few months ago I pulled all of our matches together into one file. At that time we had 2575 to 3004 matches, and we matched a total of 6121 unique individuals.


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        more examples

        Of my 2300 matches:
        286 (12%) in common with paternal half-sibling
        1162 (50%) in common with mother

        Phasing of 2300 matches using mother and paternal half-sib:
        819 (36%) Maternal
        189 (8%) Paternal
        2 (0.5%) Both!

        Mother and her brother (full sibling) had interesting difference in number of 4th and closer cousins on Ancestry:
        Mother: 341
        Mother's brother, full sibling: 494
        Matches in common (Ancestry, 4th and closer): 50 (15%/10%)


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          My brother and I have tested and the results are that he has a total match number of 5,058 of which 2,841 don't match with me. My total match number is 4,607 of which 2,391 don't match my brother. So 56.17% of his matches aren't mine and 51.9% of my matches aren't his. So in general we match about 1/2 of each other's matches.

          That is if I've done the math right.


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            My cousin has 721 matches. His sister has 813. They only share 192 matches.