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  • Import Tree Problem

    I am exporting my tree from FTM 2017 ver 23.1, which is the latest, as a GED file. I have disabled privatization and exporting media. The file uploads fine but there are a crazy amount of missing ancestors. Like my entire paternal side doesn't show up when I upload to my mothers kit? When I upload the same file to my kit, I do see my paternal ancestors. Anyone know what is happening here?

    I maintain my master family tree on and depending upon how active I am, I try to upload a new tree on Fridays rather than manually adding ancestors on both platforms. I am not sure about this being the best practice, but it works. I just have to re-link all my DNA connections.

    1. Anyway, the main question is why does the file import into my mothers kit, but ancestors are missing?
    2. How do I link to existing ancestors as spouses?
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    Well your paternal ancestors won't be your mother's ancestors so they won't show in pedigree mode if that is what you mean. Or do you mean something else? So does your father show as your mother's spouse and then can you pull up his pedigree that way?


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      Yes, she is a spouse but she is set to divorced if that matters. Even so, my parents are both connected to me?


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        If you want your father and his ancestors

        to show on your mothers tree, You must be the root person. It can't start at your mother and have your father's ancestors show. His ancestors are not directly related to her.


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          I am the root person