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    I manage my brothers' kit-he has tested through all the Y and FF
    His Y haplo is one of the smaller groups (S1051)but quite a few of his private SNPs failed Quality Control making dating difficult
    Testing has suggested a name change-possibly medieval but dating not posible at present

    The name matching suggests may be the original is Gott .

    To my surprise 2 weeks ago FF produced a 3rd-5th cousin match with a living Gott!!!

    The amounts are small
    My brother-shared 35cm-longest block 13
    Me -shared 51cm-longest block 14
    all at the same place on Chromosome 12

    Is this likely to be a real match or a coincidence ?

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    The logical difficulty here is that you still have to prove that the shared segment, which is probably "real", came from the particular ancestor you want to find, and not from some other part of your pedigree. From the available evidence, I would not try to reach a conclusion. Rather, I would regard the new match as a clue worth exploring further--for example, by exchanging information, and by reviewing your "paper trail" research to identify any aspects that might benefit from additional study.


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      Thank you for your reply
      The paper trail I have for 5x paternal gt grandfather goes back to 1757 buriel in Oxfordshire but I have not managed to find a birth/baptism c 1690s ish - so possibly the link could be 1500 or 1600s !
      I will keep an "open mind"