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  • Not all matches transferring from other vendors

    I am helping a few people and am perplexed - though they have paid the transfer fees, they show far fewer matches in FTDNA than they should.

    Two instances ... Ashkenazi heritage, one 50%, one 100%. Typical FTDNA test-takers show > 10K matches for 50%; up to 18K or so matches for 100%.

    In the former case, the transfer shows 1300 matches; in the latter case, 3300 matches.


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    The chip version of the original test does impact the number of matches. For instance Ancestry has moved to version 2 testing (I believe in early 2017). This means that a V2 compare uses far less SNPs in common with the FTDNA test. At first FTDNA stopped accepting these transfers. As a compromise, they began to allow those transfers, but will only report matches out to a certain level (I believe it is 3rd-5th cousin). The payment of the fee is for unlocking and using the chromosome browser. The only way of getting a "full" matching is to actually do the FTDNA test or transfer from a company using a fully compatible chip version. For example, if a V1 ancestry test is transferred, you should see a much higher number of matches.


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      Yes, but the matches for both test-takers extend out to the usual 5th-remote, so your reply, no offense, does not make sense to me - from a technical perspective. Or am i missing something?

      Also, only one of the tests I describe was Ancestry. The other was 23andMe.


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        AS mentioned it most likely depends on the chip versions

        Ancestry V1 and 23andmeV3 transfers will contain the most SNPs that can be used by FTDNA (overlap). These transfers will see all matches, just as if they tested with FTDNA

        FTDNA tests around 715,000 SNPS
        Ancestry V1 overlap with FTDNA is approx. 689,388 SNPS
        23andme V3 overlap with FTDNA is approx. 690,351 SNPS

        Ancestry V2 and 23andmeV4 transfers only contain about 1/2 the SNPs tested by FTDNA. Will only get partial matchlists

        Ancestry v2 overlap with FTDNA is approx. 426,923 SNPs
        23andme v4 overlap with FTDNA is approx. 311,705 SNPs

        Ancestry V1 used before Mid May 2016
        Ancestry V2 used Mid May 2016 to present

        23andmeV3 used approx Nov 2010 - Nov 2013
        23andme V4 used approx Dec 2013 - Aug 2016

        So if any transfer is an AncestryV2 or 23andmeV4, it will not have a complete match list due to the lack of comparable SNPs


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          Only 13 matches

          Recenty unlocked Ancestry transfer has only 13 matches. There are thousands on GedMatch with 'same' upload. One big difference is that the Ancestry kit had to be 'processed' to work using [ ]

          This is NOT a knock at FTDNA, for sure, but only a warning to others that the 'conversion' may be imperfect. Of the 13 matches identified by FTDNA, a few are also strong matches on GedMatch.

          If I had a choice, I'd take more matches ID'd but with a suitable disclaimer.

          IMHO, Ancestry and 23andMe are driving a wedge in the utility of autosomal DNA for pecuniary interests.
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