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    Is there a way to get rid of family branches ? Those little blue tree like symbols which take you to another part of your tree. I'd rather just have a large tree ? I have duplicate people in different branches and I can't tell if they are actually the same or considered different people by the software.



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    I doubt there's a way to get rid of the separated branches - they seem to be a limitation/feature of the current MyFT software. Many users would prefer to have one large tree ... and I dimly recall that the previous version let you select how many generations (up to 8?) you wanted to see ... but we can't.

    As to whether the software sees your duplicate people as the same or different ... it depends what you mean.

    Are you asking whether it's possible to add/change profile info that will automatically be added/changed in the duplicate? Yes, but there are limitations. For example: Click on one of your duplicate people and open their profile. Then position the cursor as if you're about to change one of the details in the profile. A pop-up will appear to the right: "Is this person already on your family tree?". Click on "yes', and you'll get a list of candidates (usually the same name but different birth years). Select the one that matches; when you update the profile, it will simultaneously update in both places (but it won't update any Notes, if you use those - you have to do that manually). HOWEVER, you can only select one duplicate. So if the same person appears in your tree more than twice, this doesn't completely work.

    Or are you asking whether the tree makes it clear there's been intermarrying? No, there are no "markers" to show it's the same person. Someone who's not looking closely at the dates and details is likely to miss the duplicates, especially in Family View. Pedigree View makes it a little more obvious, but it can still be missed.


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      Thanks for the reply.

      I had two separate branches, so I purposely added a duplicate person. I clicked on Edit and it asked me if this person was already in my tree. I said yes, clicked on the person, but then I had no feedback, so who knows?.