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Swapped MyOrigins map?

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  • EricDu
    I uploaded the raw data in MyHeritage and their maps are much closer to what we expected.

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  • EricDu
    Thank you. 59% German makes a lot more sense to me.

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  • MoberlyDrake
    There is virtually no difference between a German person and and English one.

    People in Western Europe have been mixing freely for hundreds of years.My mother is about 75% German and French, but MyOrigins gives her only 17% West and Central Europe. Ethnicity testing is only accurate at the continental level. Go by your matches and your research.'s commercials are the reason for all the hoopla about ethnicity testing. It started out at FTDNA and 23andMe as a fun little freebie you got with your serious results - your match list.

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  • EricDu
    started a topic Swapped MyOrigins map?

    Swapped MyOrigins map?

    My wife and I just got our results back. The first thing we looked at was the MyOrigins map. We put the 2 maps side-by-side and could swear her map was mine and my map was hers, as if the test kits had been swapped.

    Matches, however, met our expectation. She has more matches (1200) including many French Canadians where we found some possible common ancestors. I have fewer matches (400), which is expected since most of my relatives still reside in Europe, many with German names.

    Below is a comparison of what we expected vs, the results we received.

    Eric Expected:
    • West and Central Europe: 75%
    • Other:25%

    Eric Results:
    • British Isles: 59%
    • Southeast Europe: 18%
    • Scandinavia: 14%
    • Asia Minor: 6%

    Liz Expected:
    • Southeast Europe: 45%
    • West and Central Europe: 25%
    • British Isles: 25%
    • Asia Minor: 5%

    Liz Results:
    • West and Central Europe: 69%
    • Southeast Europe: 15%
    • Asia Minor: 14%

    On my side, we were really surprised by the amount of British Isles and the total lack of West/Central European. I have to go back to the middle ages to find a British ancestor. The Normandy branch could explain some of the British and Scandinavian ethnicity, but not in that amount.

    On my wife's side, we were surprised by the lack of any British heritage and the relatively small Southeast European heritage. Although some northern Italian ancestors could have come from central Europe.