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    Hi everyone. I just got my mtdna results back. I am still waiting on my family finder autosomal results. Im looking for a good family tree program. I really like but it's expensive and I can't up load my dna results. Are there other programs anyone knows that are similar?

    I'm also adopted. My biological half sister has matched me on here. I also have a biological half brother too who hasnt tested and probably won't. But I dont know him. I know my biological mom but no nothing on my paternal side. has helped tremendously with their "leafs".

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    It is best to have a genealogy software program to use on your own computer (some have versions to use on phones and/or tablets, too). This Wikipedia page has a Comparison of Genealogy Software for Mac and Windows. Some are even free to use, and others have trial versions. There are several tables to show which features the various programs have.

    These programs can produce a .ged file, known as a gedcom. You can work on your family tree offline, and then upload a .ged file to FTDNA, Ancestry or other places. That way, you always have your tree information on your own device.

    Apparently Roots Magic is now able to sync with, among other features, but I haven't used it.


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      I like RootsMagic, although I don't use the Ancestry tree feature. But what one person likes another might not, and one good thing about RM is that you can download it free and try it to see if you like it. It also has a good manual and lots of free online videos to show you how to use it.


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        RootsMagic is a very popular program for Windows and iOS. It only runs on OSX with the aid of some sort of Windows emulator. It is designed primarily to support traditional genealogical research, rather than genetic research, and in that regard is very feature rich.


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          The neat thing about Ancestry is the hints and my wife's parents gave me a membership for Christmas. FamilySearch is a free website that has documents on it. For creating a tree on my computer I prefer a Windows based program called My Family Tree.