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Advice re. constructing family tree while awaiting results

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  • Advice re. constructing family tree while awaiting results

    While I await our DNA testing results I have been building my family tree on the FamilyTree DNA website. I managed to upload work from my Uncle's research.
    My question is, when I get my results from Family Tree DNA, will uploading information from FamilyTree DNA reset and overwrite the family tree I have been building on the FamilyTree DNA website?

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    Hi Jonathan ... The MyFamilyTree feature is separate from your test results. When your test results come in, they won't affect your tree.
    The test results will appear on your welcome/dashboard page under the name of the particular test, with several buttons to view matches, origins, etc.
    The only 'interface' between your tree and your results will be when you want to link a match to your tree - and you do that yourself (it's not automated).
    But be aware that if you later upload a gedcom, it will overwrite your existing MyFamilyTree.
    Hope this helps!


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      Thank you from New Zealand Fern.
      The Gedcom reference was the issue I had as when I have been "wandering around" while our tests are in the works, I had a warning that said uploading a Gedcom would replace what I have uploaded. That made me think it would also remove my family tree workings.