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  • Wrong sex selected


    I have ordered an additional FF kit for family member and (mistakenly) selected that the kit will be used by a female. Can it be used by a male?

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    FF is for either sex. You should contact FTDNA and ask them to change the sex code for the kit. They can, you can't.


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      FTDNA will automatically change the sex to match that checked on the Permission Slip.

      I always order my "extra" kits for Male, and twice now (once very recently) they switched to sex and name on the slip as soon as they entered Kit as received.

      If for some reason the person doing the data entry doesn't notice, then just contact FTDNA about it.


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        They should be able to tell whether a DNA sample is from a man or a woman. So why not just assign a sex instead of asking people?


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          FTDNA assigns sex when the order is received, not after testing is complete.

          If a person orders a kit for a male and a female uses the kit they can include a note in the returned kit asking that the sex be changed. Anyone with the kit number and the password can sign into the kit and determine the sex FTDNA assigned by looking at the silhouette.


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            Jim - if they include the permission slip, FTDNA will look at the sex checked on the Permission Slip and use that. No note required.